You Laugh You Lose #4

Have been 'wandering' around the internet and just found interesting pictures which are somehow kinda funny to be thinking about when given the right 'topic' or 'keyword'.

And plus, I just found an awesome blog and decided to just copy pics and captions from there :">

So, here goes. Enjoy!

What If This Happens To You

Masturbation - Arousal vs Guilt

Being Proud For Wrong Reasons

Deciphering A Women's Body Language

Grammar Nazi

If Sharks Have Human Teeth

Can they be taken seriously?

Please Be Nice To Fat People

What An Unsatisfactory Warning Label! FAIL!

Men And Football

The Consequences Of Sex - The Sperms' Point Of View

The Timeline Of Life

Breast Enlargement Without Surgery

Got that?

The Next Generation Of Old Folks

As Human, We Will Never Be Satisfied

Women And Their Weight

Women will ALWAYS believe they are overweight and men will ALWAYS believe they’re just about right.

Yes, I know, it ain't that funny but somehow, like this morning, it kinda made my day, though :>

P/s : Phew!

Credits to Daniel Franklin's blog


amalina supey said...

this ain't funny

moarr funny!!!!!!

zedRadzai said...

haha and you laughed didn't you? :">