Brix #5 - Aku-Kau

Since I spent most of my time contacting my friends using the internet, I tend to use my keyboard to express everything I feel, seboleh2nya nak tunjuk yang menggunakan YM or ape2 texting method, email or FB skalipon, juga boleh jadi interesting mcm berbual face-to-face.

And because of that, I'm used to feel like observing my communication with everybody in the net.

Like when I meet new people. Especially the girls. First thing on my mind was about what am I gonna use my 'Kata Ganti Diri' to her and what am I gonna call her? Do I have to wait for her to use her first "Kata Ganti Diri'? There's too many choices to make.

You see, that's the problem with our Malay language. We have to many words to use in different cases.

Kalau mcm English mudah je kan. I-You. Simple!

But for Malay... Sigh.

Here's the possibilities.

1. If she's ugly, fukken straight forward 'Aku-Kau' HAHA. (WTF Zed)
2. And if she's fukken cute, beautiful, so fukken my type, I had problems dealing with this kinda shit.

Because if she was reaaaallly my type, fellas, I won't let myself losing the first impression of putting myself straightly into the Friends Zone with her.

You see what I'm talking about?

Yeap, if it were 'Aku-Ko', you have slightly less chance for hooking up with her than using the 'Saya-Awak', 'I-You' or nama2 sdiri and all that kinda shit.


Me : Hye, thx add!

Jen : Yeah thx, dok mana?

Me : Oh, skrg dok oversea, studying. :) Awk?
<--- first attempt

Jen : Oh, sy skrg dok kat UM. Dlu awk pon pnh study UM kan? <--- mission accomplished

So, dari situ, dh tertulis yang kami berdua akan keep communicating with each other using 'sy-awak'.


And for your information, I hate using I-you campur2 dgn Malay language actually, even though I use it to some people. Geli-geleman dow. Macam kalau satu ayat tu lengkap dlm English xpe. Kalau dlm Malay, ha yang tu aku quit.

I kan, klu U nak tau kan, sukeeeeeee sangat2 main dgn teddy bear I tu tau, die comel sgt, lenkali U balik cni, U kasi I teddybear tau tauuuuuuuuuuu! -BigNipple-

Geez, ain't that annoying?

And people like me who are so fukken hard to be making my own decision, I tend to let others to decide. Aku ikottt je flow. Like the conversation I had with Sara (bukan nama sebenar)

Sara : Hey, thx approve! I've just met your sister at a wedding. And turns out our family were friends, so I think it's cool to be adding you, too. :) <--- ok, die pakai full English, so masih belom ditentukan.

Me : Oh, really? Haha thx for the add then. So, friends of my family eh? Ain't it nice. <--- replied in full english too yaw!

Sara : Haha itu lah. Sara pon saja2 je bosan2 kan add anak2 mmber ayah. <--- 1st attempt

Me : Nah, it's ok. Bagus la Sara add Zed. Leh kenal2 kan ape slhnye. <--- mission accomplished.

Ha, dari ctu, maka kami akan pakai Sara and Zed. Ain't that cool? Ada peluang! :">

And yeap, let's stick to my main topic, the 'I-you' style.

Because of that reason, I didn't wanted to end myself up using that word when meeting new fresh sihams.

Like in this kinda conversation.

Me : Hye, thx add!

Awek Cun : Hee, thx approve. I like reading ur blog!

Me : Hee, jgn mcm tu. Shit blog sahaja. :"> Mana plak jumpa ni?
<--- Aku xnak, aku xnak pakai I-you :|

Awek Cun : Ade mmber tunjuk ritu. Sangkut smpi skrg. :)

Me : Oh, ade jugak mmber baca blog tu? Xpe la enough with the blog thingy.

Awek Cun : Hee ok2. Orang mana ni eh?
<---- attempt xguna kata ganti diri

Me : Oh, orang Melaka, parents dok Melaka la tp skrg tgh blaja kat tmpt lain. <--- balas attempt

And then,after a few attempts for not using Kata Ganti Diri, I get crazy. Hmmmmm.. At that fucking point, Fuck, cmne aku nak tny sal hal die dgn normal plak? Susah sial borak cmni.

Aku xnk starting guna Kata Ganti Diri yang obvious nampak cm flirting. WTF. Tp aku xnk jugak pakai 'Aku-Ko' sbb tu kang mcm hilang plak chance nk flirt dgn die! :">

So there I went, stuck with my own style, speaking beb! And I expect she replied fully in English, too, not using the 'I-you' Malay-English campur style.

Me : How about you
?r ass
Awek Cun : Oh, I study kat... blablabla..

Sigh, another I-you conversation. And I'm gonna stuck with using it with her everytime I talk with her. Sigh.

And you know what else I fukken hate about kata ganti diri ni?

When people start to use words that ain't in the dictionary. Seriously. This shit is extremely annoying.

Like for instance, Gua-Lu.

Atau Gwa-Loe.

Or Gwa-Lu. Gyahahahahahhahahaha~ -Hellioz- teehee

Atau Gwe-Luw <--- WTF is that? I just made that up.

Dan ape2 saja la.

Seriously, I get annoyed when people use that type of Kata Ganti Diri. Like as they're really use those in their real life. It's just my opinion :|

And another type of shit which I feel kinda weird. Ada lagi!

Dari the word 'Aku', trus orang ubah2 jadi freaking awesome dgn tuka spelling jadi 'Aq'

How the fuck did you get the idea to turn one innocent word into another? What, what, you thought it could've been a lot more cool? Fuck you.

"Aq xsuke la org pakai 'aq' tu. Bile nk baca cm sial dow. Ade aq pakai? Slalu aq pakai aku je. Babi ape eja 'Aq'. Fuck." -zaidRadzai-

Seriously, guys. Let's get back to our lives. No hypocrisy. :">

P/s : In my head, I feel you all over me.


Anonymous said...

Aku setuju sangat point last2 tu,kat aku jadi aq tu.mnyampah tengok even x kcaw hidop aku pon kn.ahaks!

zedRadzai said...

tu la aq pon rs cmtu jgk dohhh. bengang btoi aq.

Emora Valeria said...

suke guna aku-kau more than saya-awak. ^_^ senang nak kamceng.

pepam said...

hai emora. AWAK tinggal di mana? AWAK umor berape?

kamil said...

aku stuju psl i u 2..xbrpa kena ngn jiwa la,,tp da caught up..pasrah...haha

Shakaff said...

I know who the fuck is Sara!

zedRadzai said...

yeap tu pon btol jgk. friends zone.


haha kan kan. kemak btoi.


Anonymous said... got me!aq
ok lah,AKU tuka skarg.

zedRadzai said...

lol supey lepak la nothing serious :">

tek said...

cmna ngan ANK???
is it for ANAK??
or HANG??
seriously aku xsuka org pkai ank..
kan sng letak hang..damn~~

zedRadzai said...

haha tu satu point jugak, babi plak leh lupe. haih xpe ah mls update :">

Anonymous said...

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