Internet Life #4 - Fuck That!

Like all of you nutheads know, I'm not used to being active with social blogging. By social blogging, I mean 'making out' with tonnes of other bloggers, and support each other by following the rules of

"I'm being your follower and hope you can be mine also! :)"

No, I don't do that stuff. And I'd say

"Fuck that rule!"

If you readers have noticed, open up my profile, all the blogs I follow are the ones which I really read everytime a new entry pops out. Because those blogs are interesting to me.

Not like you motherfuckers, who randomly found a blog which the author happened to be kinda cute or handsome and ok la ok la blog content die pon cam biasa2 je, pastu without hesitation you guys would go click the 'Follow' button and forget all about it the next day.

And there's another thing I hate, too.

"Wow, byk gile follower blog die ni!"

Yeap, but too bad, I don't judge a blog's awesomeness by looking into how many the followers are. I'd say

"Fuck that!"


Because what I really judge from a blog is the views, not the followers. Xsemua orang ade google account. And xsume orang guna fungsi "Follow Me!" button tu dgn fungsi yang sebetulnya. Ya, to actually follow that blog.

Ape, korang igt ade followers byk2 tu, btol2 la dorg baca blog ko? Mcm aku, 52 orang followers aku ada skrg, mcm la dorg baca blog aku btol. Ptuih. :">

Lek, lek, main2 je. Alala.


There's tonnes of other blogs I found which had only a few people as their followers and whoops, don't underestimate him now, go look his views, and voila!

Puluh2 ribu jugak wey.

What, you don't believe me? Here's one example of a blog I followed because his writings are funny as hell.

Summoning.... Humpathon.

Shakaff pon sama jugak, blog die sempoi. Tapi dh malas update. Pukimak btoi beliau.

Sama jugak dgn Pam pny. Chatni pon ye jugak. Blog2 ini boleh blah jugak la bagi aku.

I know, the fact that the more followers you have, the easier it gets to get more views. Yes, I know that fact. But, sorry to say,

"Fuck that shit!"

Because when I hit the blog's author "View My Profile" button, there you go! Babi banyak sial mamat ni follow blog orang lain. Pukimak apa.

And I'd really doubt it if he really reads all those blog. I know, guys. All he wanted to do was getting back tonnes of followers, too. I know that shit.

See? Proses die mcm tu saja. Xkesah la blog tu best ke tak, men follow je. Because I understand every blogger's feeling, too, you know.

Yes, indeed. Blogging itself is also another kind of attensyun-whoring. No matter you're a guy or a girl. If you have a blog and you're a guy, we call you "HE-WHORE". And if you're a girl and you write a blog, we call just "WHORE" would be fine then, I suppose.

So when you've notice you yourself have got a follower, you feel grateful and like all other writers' quote

"I keep on writing because I've inspired by the readers I get. AWWWWWWW!"

Fuck that shit! (Even though it's true for me too, actually :">)

I tend to get 'meluat2' la, dgn Cult Leader ---> Obefiend.

Eh bukan meluat dgn beliau, beliau awesome. He has the true awesome shit running around in his writing skills!

Yang aku meluat adalah wannabe2 blogger di luar sana who also intended to be like him. Why the sudden?

It's ok for them who gets going up by their own style. But, like always, even though I loveeeeeee TROLLING, my fellow readers, aku pon xsuke kalau dok baca every entry semedang pasal trolling je.


Bosan jugak wey. Messed up sgt masalah bdak ni, sume entry psl dok ngutuk orang. Bodoh sgt tu. Cuba tenang sikit hidup.

Ha, pastu last2, tgk la cmtu, ada lagi gado2 antara blogger. Sama2 emo jgk sbenarnya.

Yeah, every once in a while, why don't you use your writing skills to actually write something interesting and funny? Dan kalau nk cite menarik btol pon, you know, make me giggle. Put some pictures in it.

Don't go like writing some shits that were supposed to be funny from your point of view as the writer, but fuck it, we're readers don't feel a thing when reading your crap. Sad, ain't it?

And if you're free, go make a cover of some song and publish it in your blog. :">

Nahh, I keed, everyone has their own style and opinion, right?

And the same goes to the "Blogging is not your diary" rule.

If it was really your diary, why don't you keep it private then? Mcm mmber aku sorang tu. Die tau blog die byk psl hati die, so she kept it private. Yes, you. :"> So, aku xde la point nk bash ko. Teehee.

I really didn't want to end up my precious time to read some crap which I don't give a fuck at all. I need LULz, and for getting LULz is not by trolling or making fun of others only. You feel me?

Yela, entry aku kali ni nk kutuk orang la, tp xpe, bukan sume entry aku kutuk orang. :">

Now, don't misjudge me, fellas. I'm saying this because I'm also a normal person like y'all. And maybe by saying this, it would clear the air.


Ada lagi ni, xabes lagi.

Another thing yang aku fuck.


I dunno. Pointless. Aku tau, memang btol dpt duit pon. But for me, blogging is all about yourself. Not about making some money.

Macam dalam Facebook, we all hate the

"Log-in Facebook dpt DUIT DUIT DUIT DUIT RMRM RM RM!!!!!"

Yet, you still hate the Jews. Jews own the Facebook and you know it. Look how hypocrite you are. Letak profile pic nak bendera Palestin, tp still terpengaruh dgn DUIT2 ape sume natang haram jadah tu.

Yeah, and I'd say,


P/s : I have everything I got, but I lack faith.


Ween said...

wow. kudos to that

Teh Moose said...

This is what I love bout your blog dude. No lovey-dovey, "I had nasi lemak for breakfast and here are 10 pics of it from every angle" crap. You say what's on your mind, and I totally respect you for that!
Love em' posts! Do keep them coming!

Emora Valeria said...

love da way u wrote ur entries!sangat best!i prefer readers yang bagi responds than followers yang sekadar follow but tak baca.

zedRadzai said...

haha wow huh? N why is that? :"> Just an entry. nothing serious babe.

@teh moose
wow its an honour seeing you here, sir. Haha
yeap true shit about pics of your daily life. Which makes people like us would go 'i dont get it. What's the point? Everybody does that in their daily life.'
btw thx again for the compliment! Will jeep on writing shit rated crap :)

haha you just made a point. Lemme prove to you another one. I bet all of the 54followers i have now won't even drop comment here, proving they're really reading my blog. :)
geez silent readers.

Ween said...

eh tak tak

this piece is cool la bro~

pam said...

aiseh. terharu :">

its about time i use your smiley too aite mate?

pepam said...

eh eh suddenly my follower just increased by 2 ppl.

terharu :">

lufkin said...

ini.. ini boleh mendatangkan butthurt!! haha!!

zedRadzai said...

wow sampai cmtu skali? Ok la jgk kan ade la jgk influence aku ni pd readers teehee :"> nahh, no big deal brahh.

zedRadzai said...

yaaa itu yang aku mahu!! HAHA screw me

lufkin said...

btw obe wannabe, dahh banyakkk bro dah banyakkk... blame obe for his troll tutorial.

zedRadzai said...

Haha actually my point is not about being like him. He's cool. People like you and me respect him for his trolling skills, and it's cool sometimes for having a dream to be like him.

Tp tu la klu dh byk sgt entry psl trolling, xke nympah bc. Lagi2 bile bnda2 tu di-eksagerasi jd besar2an. And showing off to people and being proud about those messed up things. Geez. I know, aku pon buat cmtu jgk, tp xslalu, because i didnt think of it as my main purpose for writing a blog.

And even obe didn't start off writing his blogs about things like he writes now FYI. Look at his earlier entries, i dunno, he seemed like a normal blogger to me. Started from the bottom and look at him right now. Just cool and awesome. Not like all other obe wannabes out there. Terlampau.

lufkin said...

oh my straight to the point.. =)

Cheatcodes naik level cepat? No leveling needed.

zedRadzai said...

And trus delete. Didnt wanna cause any problem between bloggers. Just so you know. Teehee.

Anonymous said...

eh macam la blog lu ni bagus sgt. dh supe setan je sume.

zedRadzai said...

wow thx, but please tell me something i don't know.

mr Chat said...

awwww...jeles lah pulak...oh, macam setan ek. Baru aku tahu...

Fuck la Zaid. Lain kali kau update blog, post kat Facebook aku :D

Huyoo...nama aku dalam blog kau sial...trimas trimas. Mmuaah (bluerrkk)

mr Chat said...

Tepukan untuk Zaid *fapfapfap



zedRadzai said...

haha okay2, nnti stiap entry mmg tobat ah aku post kat wall ko, aku janji haha

Anonymous said...

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