Life #17 - Random Diary

I miss Malaysia. I can't wait to go home, meet my family, my good friends, and all. And geez, I'm really craving for real Malaysian food. And Thai food also. :">

Yes, and I know, even though now I'm feeling kinda like wanna do all that, and those things the minute I stepped into Malaysia this coming summer, I know, everything that I wanted to do won't happen.

Well, at least not all of them.

Because it's just like last year. I came home for the whole Ramadhan month and there I was, stuck being home doing nothing, with no good friends in Malacca, while seeing my other buddies in Facebook enjoying their moments in Malaysia.

Nak keluar pergi jauh-jauh selalu pun tak boleh jugak. Kecik hati dorang nanti.

So I did my best to find an excuse for my beloved family, because I thought when you have an excuse, it would sounded less obvious that you're trying to run. Not that I meant I wanted to push them away, but it's all about being in the comfort zone. And of course, when you feel comfortable in that zone, of course you would let yourself stuck in that place with or without knowing the consequences of it, right? Yeap, take that comfort zone as Syaitonirrajim. :"> Yela, aku nak lari dari rumah.

Hey, it's not like what it sounds like. What I meant was, I was fukken bored at home. I don't know, maybe I AM like that. Even though my family is near me, I tend to run away turning to others whom I thought was more comfortable to be hanging out with. It's not that they're not fun, they are, indeed.

But maybe because of the almost unlimited boundaries I had with them makes me feel like turning to others. You know, like you don't feel comfortable when your actually close relatives know everything about you inside out, your fucked up problems, and just.. Everything.

And because of that matter, you feel ashamed and tried your best to not showing up in front of their faces, and so?

You run away. Yeah, running away is not going to solve the problems. I know. Sorry Mak, Abah. And to all of you guys. A sincere apology from me :(

*sniff sniff*

P/s : Timeless [Cover by zaidRadzai and AmaliaAlias]


pepam said...

celaka nak letak p/s camtuh gak

zedRadzai said...

mana bole ang sorang.

pepam said...

ha. kan aku da kata, kalo suka, cakap suka. tidaklah aku tercangak-cangak

amalia said...

again with that 'p/s' thing....

zedRadzai said...


at times like these,...

amalia said...

i don't think that phrase suit this situation...nk kena trima kasih apa?heh...kk...terima kasih daun keladi...