Life #18 - The Television

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When I was a kid back then, like other children, I was really some kind of a TV freak and I really loved watching cartoons at those times. Even at times when I was watching the TV with my mom and we were watching Maria Mercedes and when the commercials were on air, she would just randomly switched to other channels with her remote control. [sambil uli kuih keria, God, I miss you, Mom!]

And if by any chance other channels would have just happened to show some cartoon stuffs [or even cartoon commercials!], I would freak out a bit and insist her to stay on that channel and then end up sulking for like the whole day because she would never do it.

You see, when watching TV with your children, and suddenly some cartoons pops out would be the last thing you would want to see when you're enjoying your TV programs. Because, normal kids will be just like me, mula la nak paksa-paksa nak jugak tengok natang tu dan menangis sana sini just sebab mak sendiri 'khianat' tak nak kasi anak tengok kartun.

Yeah, that's me. 12++ years ago. I was really enjoying the television back then.

Teehee ni kali kedua upload pic ni :">

And I used to remember how furious my mom gets everytime she caught me watching cartoons on the telly for more than 90 minutes time Sabtu Ahad punya pagi-pagi. Yeah, you know those times. All that imagination and such for watching cartoons are just the happiest moments in your life as a sweet cute innocent little child. Tapi tak boleh tengok lama-lama. Awww :(

And now, when you have a little brother or sister, every Sunday morning when you've noticed them watching the cartoons with those faces,

kalau boleh nak dekat-dekat abes dengan TV tu, dan remote control pon kat sebelah tangan tak nak langsung kasi peluang kat orang lain tengok channel lain, you just can't help yourself to go like

"Awwwww, look at them. :"> So fukken stupidinnocent and dumbsweet. Just like me when I was a child :)"

Yeah, I feel it that way. Because actually I'm a sweet person :"> and I love my little brother and sister.

And this another thing suddenly came to my mind, I don't know about you guys, but my family has this er, quite some ground rules about watching the TV.

1. No watching the TV for more than 90 minutes [like I've stated before]

Yeah, ain't that sucks? Actually takde lah betol-betol ada setting 90 minutes tu, I just made that up. Senang kata bila mak abah aku terasa macam dah lama sangat aku tengok tv, mula la dorang bising. And because of this rule, I've never had the chance to watch any movie when I was a child. Because all the movies in the TVs are like 2-hours long, and pencapaian paling baik aku rasa pon just sampai klimaks movie je. And then kena paksa baca buku. WTF.

2. No watching the TV at 7.00PM-8.30PM everyday. [for respecting the Maghrib prayer]

This is kinda good rule for a good Muslim family, and even though I'm not the best Muslim ever, I will try my best and I'm not gonna let my son or daughter to watch the TV at this times, either. :)

3. No watching the TV at midnight. Wajib tidur sebaik sahaja pukul 11 datang menjelma. [even at weekends]

Yeap, even at weekends. Tapi parents aku pon takde lah strict gila babi tak hengat. Ada la kadang-kadang tu dah nak pukul 12 baru bising-bising.

And I remember one time, Terminator II was on the TV and it was like fukken awesome, yela budak-budak baru kenal dunia tengok movie mantap macam tu kan, but when the clock ticks at twelve, the fukken NIGHTLINE would pop out and ruins the entire mood on watching the fukken movie and last-last, kena paksa tidur, without knowing how that fukken cool movie could have end.

You know how fucked-up it feels? Spending your life not knowing the ending of Terminator II? Sampai la masa abang aku ke akak aku kenal dunia internet dan mula download cite tu dalam format .avi and when I get the chance to watch the holy secret ending, I was like,

"Ooooo, macam ni ke ending die. Hurmmm, aku dah takde mood lah nak tengok."

You see? The rules ruined it. And fuck Terminator II, the movie sucks BTW /sarcasm.

Same goes to Titanic. Geez.

4. No watching the TV in front of guests.

Well, this is obvious, right? Who watches the TV in front of guests? Because, you know, the TV in my parents' house was placed in the living room, so it would be so fukken rude as a child to go watch the TV while your dad was having a conversation with his guests.


Hmmm, 4 rules that I could think of for now.

Yeah, ain't that awesome? <-- This is not sarcasm. It was awesome, because of that rule, my parents taught me how to control myself [yeah, even though I can't right now. :"> ] because everything you do, you don't do it like everytime right?

And because of all of those shits, I've become like the anti-TV guy. Yes, dudes, since I've managed to further my studies to junior high school in a boarding school [SERATAS], sedikit demi sedikit, I've turned into that guy and now, I don't fukken watch the fukken television. At all. Seriously.

**Sikit-sikit tu ada la, tengok berita ke, lepak-lepak dengan family sometimes.

Jadi, aku akan kadang-kadang ketinggalan sikit la kalau-kalau bab-bab iklan member sekolah asrama dulu wat lawak aku akan blur-blur sket, sebab aku tak tengok TV kat rumah. Dah jadi malas. Salahkan mak abah aku. Dorang la yang wat macam-macam peraturan sampai aku hilang minat nak tengok TV. Wakaka.

Yeah, come to think of it, when I was a child, I get scolded a lot for watching the TV too much, but nowadays, when I'm bigger, aku siap pernah kena marah lagi dengan mak abah aku sebab tak tengok TV langsung. Tak tau tak tau, salah dorang salah dorang.

Nahh, actually, since I have my own external hard disk and a laptop, I tend to forget everything about the television. It's like the TV never existed in my life. :">

Because you know what I hate the most about watching TVs?

The commercials. Yeah, fuck them.

Been watching a movie or a TV show on the TV and after all those build-up process and here comes all the answers to the fukken suspense element in those shows, but wait, whaaaa...?

[Holy shit, this is the only commercial I could think of for now]



And that's why I love my laptop and the internet and I couldn't live a day without it.

P/s : I miss Malaysia, God damn it.


Anonymous said...

I bet you have a nice family :)

Shakaff said...

must lol @ hairless shampoo CM.

pailang said...

+1 shakaff :))

aku penah kne sound tgk Journey To The West(ntv7 kot?). point dia cite tu merepek lebih. saya budak2 la bapak,saya hanya seronok tgk wukongbersama awan terbang ,sami dan babi gemok dlm tu je

Anonymous said...

sama a pailang.aku kna sound sbb cita tu ada agama buddha.ngn pokemon sbb ade unsur yea sbb mak ak ustazah.lupa plak.

zedRadzai said...

haha sbb tu aku sdaya upaya amek masa hargai sgala bnda tgk sorang2

and i'm guessing that you're kimon. =))

Anonymous said...

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