Racist #2 - The Typical Malay Talk

As all of you Malay readers know, we Malays have our own punchline way of talking that everyone of us would fukken hate to hear it from others but still would use it to protect our own issues every once in a while.

Hell yeah, I'm using it, too. But not like everytime I meet some situations which need a talk like that. Yeap, I'm trying my best not to.

And these talks are just so fukken awesome, that you'd shit bricks and shut up, knowing that there's no other word to point out to object that certain talk from your 'enemy' instead of

"Typical Malay, always using those kinda words.."

C'mon Zed, cut the crap and just tell us what the hell are the words you're talking about right now?

Yeah, right, I'll get to my point.

But lemme explain first. As a shit blogger who literally writes shit entries about bashing people without thinking, I tend to receive comments in my blog or messages in my Facebook Inbox from people who were really having butthurts upon reading them. So from there, I observe their words and sentence, and sedikit demi sedikit aku naik menyampah. Is that all you got? Teehee. And there goes my satanic actions to troll them back, make them raging even more.


We Malays as we know it, are one kinda unique yet the most powerful race in the world who are having some problems of controlling our jealousy not only towards another, but Fuck, towards EACH other also. Plus the over-sensitivity issues. And I'm not gonna bash my own race from beginning to end in this shit entry, because those are the shits that everyone knows, right?

It's just annoying to hear it. Which makes you feel like fukken miserable, even for the fact that you're not as it was said. And I'd go like feeling bad, you know, I feel bad to the person who says these kinda shits. Kesian dorang.

But instead, I'm gonna point out one thing that's kinda cool to share until now. [Er, do you?] And even you've heard or realized of it before, just STFU and GTFO.

Here, hear this out.

1. The "Mentang-mentang" Talk.

*could also be used as "Tau la.."

Example :-
  • "Mentang-mentang dia hensem, leh pulak cakap kakak aku stim tengok dia."
  • "Mentang-mentang belajar tinggi, dia ingat boleh senang-senang la hidup?"
  • "Tau laaa kaya, tapi jangan la kedekut gila babi."

Yeah, you know it, I know it. And I've just noticed this thing when I was writing this entry the other day. Which made me thinking, fuck, I've received tonnes of bash points from readers like this through out the time when I've first started writing since then.

But this time, I'm not gonna write this certain matter like I'm no wayyyy in hell like one of you, well, I mean, not using it. I'm just like all of you, who would use this kinda phrase at times like

  • You feel offended and jealous when someone talks or acts like he's way much better than you personally.
  • You hated that person.
True shit, right?

STFU will ya?

2. The "Dia boleh laaa, dia macam tu..." Talk

Example :-

  • "Dorang boleh laaa, dorang senang je siapkan kerja tu cepat-cepat, dorang ada buku tu"
  • "Ko boleh laaaa, ko senang je lupa, ko jauh, cuba aku, aku dekat macam ni, susahhh."
  • "Lu boleh laaa, senang-senang je cakap camtu, lu banyak duit"
Yeah, don't gimme that look. It's fukken true.

And the reasons you're using that phrase is because

  • You feel offended and jealous when someone talks or acts like he's way much better than you personally.
  • You hated that person.
Yeap, same reason as before.

3. The "Kot ye pon....Tak payah la...." Talk

Example :-

  • "Ko kot ye pon tak puas hati pon, tak payah la tulis benda-benda bodoh dalam blog bai"
  • "Kot ye pon dorang rasa macam tu, jangan la kemak sangat nak wat perangai sial macam tu"
  • "Lu kot ye pon kalau rasa kitorang ni hina, tak payah la nak main-mainkan"
Sebab penggunaan

  • Tidak puas hati dengan action yang dilakukan pihak musuh.
  • You hate them.

This method is good untuk tegur-tegur orang mana-mana ada salah apa-apa pon kan, but one thing I hate about this thing is that, the talker usually have bad assumptions to the person they hate about.

Like when I'm making fun of us Malays in this entry, it's not what you think it is, you dumbasses. Heck, I don't even give a shit about it. Just writing an entry, fellas.

4. The "Mak-bapak tak ajar ke..." Talk

Now this is another thing that clearly make me thinks that you've got some problems within yourself to point out some matters that are fukken out of topic when arguing with others.

Why in the fuck would parents has gotta do with these kinda things? Get your mind straight, and suggesting these matters won't do it any good, instead of making me think how low the way you think and no respect you have to others.

I don't judge others by looking into their parents, but I judge people by the way they talk. And I know, I'm such a douche bag for showing to all of you how fukken bad I could be with my language and all. Well, that doesn't matter, because I ain't giving any shit. Life in the internet and real life are just two different world, and I won't assume that all of you know me well, because that won't fukken happen.

Yeap, an gay emofag indeed.


And I think, that's all for now.

Don't tell me you've been living in this world for more than 20 years but not even once ever heard of this phrase being said by some emofag friend of yours. Seriously, if you haven't heard of it, fuck you, you probably were being born deaf or you don't fukken socialize with other people at all.

And yeah, guys, I know. It's really fun to go uttering those words to let others realize that it's not good for them to behaving that way, you know, just to make you feel better, whatever makes you happy. But don't any of you guys think that that phrase, yeah, actually it does make us feel better, but beyond it, it shows us how weak we are? How low self-esteem we are?

So, let's change ourselves, so that our forefathers would be proud of us :)

P/s : Macam la aku bagus sangat. <-- ha ni lagi satu contoh.


gegardo said...

typical sangat.
post ini x boleh memberikan kesan tamparan kepada punggung yang amat mendalam.

zedRadzai said...

aww i has a sad.

Shakaff said...

Mak bapak tak ajar tulis entry.

pepam said...

too much english,
saya tak faham lah.

mak bapak tak ajar bahasa kebangsaan ka?

zedRadzai said...

sorry saya power gila sbenarnya.

dzul najmi said...

LOL .... right to their asses .. haha .. ada benarnya .. haha ... tapi kena kurang kan mencarut kot .. tapi klu kurang kan mencarut, tak smpi pulak kot idea tu nnt .. haha ..

zedRadzai said...

@dzul najmi
carutan itu perlu.

Anonymous said...

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