Sampah #19 - 100th Entry

Fact 1 = I've been writing since 22nd March 2010 until now, so it must have been er.. 118 days? Yes, 118 days. Phew!

Fact 2 = I've been writing about shits since then. Mostly about rants and trolling sessions which frankly, I don't give a fuck. All for the LULz.

Fact 3 = I have 59 followers and 14800 hits in my blog from you readers. Looks like people like you are actually appreciating my writings. Even though it's just rated shit and not worth it for your mental.

Fact 4 = I've only changed my blog layout twice. First one was gayish pink, second was blue and the third is this layout.

Fact 5 = Highest hits in one day was 1003 views.

Fact 6 = For certain times, I tend to enjoy every moments of butthurts out there. Sorry guys, but it's just fun.

Fact 7 = I am now officially stuck into blogging. Tapi dah bosan menulis sebenarnya. Tapi kalau bosan sangat kalau tak menulis tak best jugak. Tapi tu la. Hmm.


Ah pedulikan semua facts ini. I was gonna push my brains out to think what other interesting facts about this blog, but nahh. I'm done.

Yang aku tau, ini entry ke-100. Thanks to you guys for reading.

P/s : Coolness is the key, fellas.