Sampah #8 - As a Kid..

When I was wondering about topics to write in my coming entries, this shit idea just came to my mind. And it was about the thoughts I had when I was a kid back then.

Yeah, and I felt really funny to be remembering that I used to think of it that way about this particular matter that I suppose no other person would have think of.

Yeap, guys, it's me alone. But, still hit me if you're with me. :">

It's all started when I first had my first boner. It's all just happened like that. Yes, when there's 'love', it will just happen before you know it. :">

And I keep wondering, why the fuck did my dick has to get big like this just when I feel kinda weird [as in horny, yeah, I don't even understand the 'horny' feeling back then]

And then I've just noticed that

"Hey, I know how this works! Everytime I look at girls' sexy parts, it'll get bigger!"

But to be honest, because of the awkward feeling I had because of the boner, I kinda didn't like it, and tried my best to put it back to normal.

So I started imagining things that aren't necessary. Yeah, I was a kid, and I was trying my hard to get my life back to normal, guys! Please understand.

Sexy girls are indeed, sexy. And sexy girls are human, too. Dan manusia perlu berak.

So I imagine those sexy girls when they take their massive shit in the toilet.

Yeeaaaaa WATAFAK.

I imagine how their face would have looked like when they were trying their best to teran2 the shit out from their asshole.

And even worse, kita kan duduk Malaysia tak berapa banyak jamban duduk kan. Jadi lah jamban tenggong. So, er... pompuan sexy berak kat jamban tenggong dengan muke meneran gila babi?

Choose your dream girl.
A. Lisa Surihani
B. Kim Kardashian
C. Megan Fox
D. Justin Bieber


Yeah, it does get worse. And that's enough.

Dude.... You're such a freak.

Yeah, man. I know. But I was a kid back then! Please don't look at me that way, fellas :'(

But, you see, that shit actually worked! Have you ever had your penis invert? I just did, and I used that method everytime I feel uncomfortable when I had a boner back then.

I had to, guys. It just... won't stop... :'(

But, nahhh, those are the days when I first learn the word penis and vagina in Malay. Tak nak la tulis kat sini dalam bahasa Melayu dia, sebab nampak tak sopan gila kan? Tulis penis vagina macam bunyi sedap sikit, sebab itulah scientific term dia. Now, don't get me wrong, you dumbasses.

Sekarang ni takde la nak pikir-pikir macam tu. Nowadays, I enjoice every moment! Fuck yeah baby!

And come to think of it, I've just remembered another moment when I was back in junior high school and this hot girl, a friend of mine who every boy in my batch would very much like to date with, just gave me an impression which I could never ever could forget in my whole life.

She's beautiful, guys. I mean, really.

But this one time. This only one timeeee! Geez.

I saw her picking her nose. Ya, korek hidung dengan penuh kenikmatan. Lama pulak tu. WTF man.

And I bet you guys have already seen this video of Joachim Löw enjoying his moment. Ha, macam ni la perasaan dia bila kita tengok.

Fullstop. End of conversation. No explanation needed. For what it's worth.

Jangan tanya aku mana awek tu jentik atau salat taik hidung die. Aku tak tau.

P/s : Nazeep sweet gila dengan bini.

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tek said...

dah alang2..aku nk try gak mcm org len..
FIRST!!! lol shit

awek tu ad korek2 pastu makan mcm joachim low x??

zedRadzai said...

wakaka xpa sila2.
babi, since ang dh mention, aku update balik entry ni lolwtf joachim low =))))

tek said...

thx syg~~~

pepam said...

mak budak kan? takpon.....a'a

zedRadzai said...

you were there with me. jangan wat lupe.

pepam said...


idoooongggg...*bass voice*

zedRadzai said...


mr Chat said...

Haa! Aku macam tau sape minah tu. Justin Bieber yang paling tak boleh blah tu