You Laugh You Lose #5


Yeah, guys. It's exam week for most of us in Japan, so why not we loosen it up a bit? And hell fukken yeah, you laugh, you lose, bitches.

Here goes.

And last but not least, it's about the story of a /b/ in user posting a thread in that forum. Well, this might be offensive because it contains nude images, so, sapa nak tengok, tengok, sapa tak nak tengok scroll laju-laju, saya dah kasi tahu awal-awal.

Yeap, it went just fine. How did you go? :">

Thanks for viewing. And off I go.

P/s : I did it for t3h LULz.

Picture credits to 4chan


Anonymous said...

Rule 1 & 2 damnit

zedRadzai said...

Anyone who takes the rules seriously is a complete faggot.

—People who aren't faggots

adzuan aziz said...

haha.gambar yg fufufufu yang bawah skali makin real.haha.

lufkin said...

sup /b/? lolololol