Brix #8 - Bulan Puasa

Whoot! It has been a long time since my last entry. I miss blogging. Siyes shit aku rindu. Tapi rumah aku internet prob. Bukan nak kondem internet Malaysia, but the wi-fi in my parents' house is really messed up when being connected to my laptop. Ade prob ape tah.

Ada saja problem, kalau dapat pon, sikit2 disconnect. But when I open up my iPhone and connect with the wifi, everything seems to be okay. How cool is that? Kire laptop aku la kot yang rosak.

Moral of the story? Apple rocks!

Nahh, let's get back to our main topic. Hurm, actually I have no main topic to write for today, just kita sembang-sembang sahaja-lah. Ataupon lebih suka aku panggil random rants. LOL

Living in Japan and using the internet over there makes me feel used to high-speed internet. But that doesn't mean that I'm gonna condemn negara aku sendiri punya internet service. Rasa tak puas hati tu biasa la, but I don't do it often. Buruk baik ini negara aku juga. :">

Ini bila aku tengok, para student overseas yang balik jauh-jauh, and then when they get to connect to the internet, mula la ngutuk2 internet Malaysia and to let other know and understand their feelings, di mana lagi nak letak selain menge-post-nya sebagai status facebook mereka.

"Tak biasa dengan kelajuan internet yang macam ni"

"Lembabnya internet Malaysia hadoiiii laaaa"

Now don't get me wrong. Me myself, also feel the same about the internet speed in Malaysia. But do I really have to complain about all of that? Being back alive is good enough for me. Uiceh :">

Takdela, I understand the feeling, but try to be considerate when people living in Malaysia, your own beloved friends reading your status. Tak sedap dibaca, bukan? Sekali-skala tu bole paham la. Yang selalu tu yang sedih sket sebenarnya.

Like usual, I sigh a lot when I'm disappointed. But when I feel the need to jaga2 hati kawan2, I kept it to myself laa kan. And this internet matter, is one of them.

OK, next.

Bulan puasa.

Semua orang berpuasa di hari baik, bulan baik ini. Tak tau lah, kot2 btol tak pose kan. Bile kite wat dosa, kite simpan la sendiri. :">

But when meeting with new friends, or friends you're not so kamceng with, of course la nk nyembang2 kan. Tapi bile kua soalan ni. Hurmm kk.

"Hehe, ko pose tak?"

Aku sebenarnya tak suka soalan ni. For obvious reasons, mesti la akan jawab puasa, mahu la pulak ngaku kalau tak pose. Itu lantak ko la kan betol ke tak ko pose. Kalau tak pose, dine in hell then.

I understand. When there's no topic left to talk about, lame questions would be the last option. And for me, asking people lame questions like this one for reason of finding something to talk about and being "mesra" to other person is pure bullshit. Stop it.

Lain la kalau tanya pada perempuan. Itu pon better betol pada tempat dan waktunya. I find teasing women for having their period [for the purpose of flirtation] ---> Fucking annoying.

"Eh, Minah, ko pose tak hari ni? Jom2 solat ehehehehe hehe hehehe ehehe aku tau ko xle pose kan kannnnnnnNNNN???? Hahahahahahahahaha"

And that, my friends, is the combination of the un-fucking-believable, lamest yet the worst punchline ever to flirt with women.

And that is all. Selamat berpuasa, selamat menyambut hari kemerdekaan dan selamat berhari raya aidilfitri nanti.

P/s : Masuk dunia lain sampai Ahad.

Sampah #13 - Cuti

Berehat sementara. Ada bahan best aku tulis :)

P/s : Malam bujang terakhir di Nagoya sebelum balik :D

What I Hate About Facebook #8 - Fucking Cheating Boyfriend

AWAS : For those who are easily offended by nude images, don't read this entry and GTFO.

I thought when I'm not home, I'd never be able to have my own time to write my new entries. Which tonight, has been proven wrong. I just found some pure LOL-ness from facebook, which the founder was a buddy of mine, Nazeep.

And because of it's pure LOL-ness, my friends, I have no other choice than sharing it in my shit blog. Bear with it.

And as usual, it all came from facebook.

Now we all often hear stories about some girl cheating on her boyfriend. The result --> break up, of course. And out of hatred and feeling the need to revenge, some low-quality recorded .3gp formats movie of himself having sex with her cheating girlfriend, POV [Point Of View] Style which happened to still being in his storage were uploaded into the internet or being passed to his stupid friends, just to humiliate her. [Except for the fact that the guys actually fap to those .3gp crap]

Now those, guys, aren't the good way. You suck in a relationship, don't blame the other half for being the bad guy. And aku fuck betol orang suke kasi malu camtu. Because you see, my friends, cheating and making public humiliations because of bad relationships, those are.. Well, don't fukken do it. And let's move on.

The story begins with a girl on facebook who recently were being cheated by his beloved boyfriend. And I don't know where she gets all these pictures, [Yes, there's some drills, too, yo!] maybe she found it on her boyfriend's camera or anything.

And yeap, guys. She's trying to humiliate her boyfriend. Normal la kan, baru lepas kena curang, tak kisah la pakai modal apa, janji boleh kasi malu.

And those pictures were images of her boyfriend having sex with another person. WOW! Let's fap to this porn material then! :D :D :D


The worst thing about this case is, fellas, the person her boyfriend were cheating with--

Was a guy.

Yes, guys. The person was a guy. AWWW

Whoops, here's the first one.

And the funniest thing I find about this matter is, the girl actually did upload all of those pictures, guys. Wanna enjoy free gay porn shit? Sila2.

**Kalau taknak tengok, jangan tengok.

Hmm, let's see.

1. That guy seriously have some hot body working around his skeleton.

2. The editing were professional! I respect the work for more focus on censoring the person's head instead of the private parts. Look at this shit. Looks like an epic picture of a headless person having sex. WTF

3. The pic in the toilet... Meh. Now that is pure LOL-ness of shit.

4. There were many images in that album. Different clothes and different places. Looks like they were having sexual activities for quite some time, I guess.

5. Look at the comments from the girl

"Dah xda pompuan lg ker yg kau minat ngn jantan..hishhh Hazri kalu ak tau dr awal... huhu kecwa nyer ati.. mimpi ke aper ni..huhu aku xleh trime huhu"

Why are you talking alone? Do you spend your time clicking on those pictures over and over again on those images looking at how sexy your boyfriend really is? And what's with the HUHUHUHUHUHU. Puki betoi la aku tak paham sebenarnya penggunaan HUHU ni, was it really necessary?

"Ni la keja terkutuk bf aku rupernya huhu"

Mau lagi tu ngaku bf, dah post pic2 tu sume. HAHA adoi la. ANd then another HUHU, I thought HUHU were used in humorous statement or not-that-serious-matter-for-sighing moments.

6. Member2 ditag. Sigh.



I wanted to maki-maki la pompuan ni. Tapi adoi la. Kesian pulak orang baru lepas kena curang. I understand your feelings la, senang nak kata.

Tapi ape kebodohnya la. Awat lah mangkok hayun sangat pegi upload kat profile sendiri. Pastu siap tag member2 plak tu. Kalau setting private takpe jugak. Don't you know that when you tag your friends in a picture on facebook, those pictures would come out in your friend's buddies' news feed? Macam tu la Nazeep jumpa.

I know it's hard dealing with a cheating lover. Tapi, upload terus pic2 bogel camni.. Hmm, tak bijak sangat la kan?

Now I'm not being a sexist. But seriously, you're a girl, and girls don't upload nude images of their cheating boyfriends on facebook. In fact, boys don't do that, either, post kat facebook terus. Eh senang kata takde orang la wat macam tu. Ko sorang je. Special gile ko.

I know the guy's actually a bisexual person. Or gay, I'm not sure, and I don't fukken give a shit. But just deal with it yourself. No need to ajak member2 kasi deal sama2 wat malu.

You see, guys, the gay and lesbian community ain't the one who actually corrupts nowadays relationship, you guys are. By corrupt, I meant public humiliation cases like this.

There's a saying

"When you're experiencing any feelings in your heart, good or bad, just lay down and sit for a while. Trust me, the feelings will go away"

So you should do the same, stupid girl.

P/s : Geez, I actually said she's stupid. AWW.

Credit to Nazeep for printscreen works.

Sampah #12 - Google?

Ramai orang selalu mistake perkataan google dengan goggle.

Dah lama aku pasan benda ni.

"Weh, mana google aku?"


For you guys who actually got that wrong, here's a quick guide.

Rings any bell?

Not that fucking goggle you're trying to say.

Pekejadah la "Mana google aku?"

Nice sangat tu :)

P/s : And I actually have met some person who pronounce Noob as NOB. Not to laugh about la, but.. Hurm, kk.

Racist #3 - This Is How You Troll True Racists

I do not own this masterpiece. I found it in a thread from /k/.

Plus, I do not find this shit pathetic, but instead I feel inspired by the skill of the troll, who happened to be half Malay, half Chinese [I dunno, based on the conversation]

When it comes to racism, any arguments would last forever. But I take that as an art. Not the racism part, but the troll and the butthurts. I like that. Because everyone who argues for some dumb shit matter seems too stupid, I guess, [well, except for the part that I do that a lot, but, who cares, tee hee :">] and I would very much like to slap my penis to their foreheads for being dickheads.

And yes, guys. This is a tale about how an awfully butthurted keyboard warrior wanted to save the girl of his dream [not true] from being hurt by another guy, who was actually the real hero [I mean, successfull troll] by the name Mohd Fitri Razak in this masterpiece.

Let me make this clear before you guys keep on reading.

Troll A [I tot he WIN at first] = Mohd Fitri Razak
Troll B aka Keyboard Warrior [I tot he FAIL at first] = Grape Lee
Troll C [Sampingan] = Sean Yap
Hot Chinese Chick = Sabee Bee

It all started with this Sabee Bee posting some kinda cool status sounded like

And there you go, first appearance of Mohd Fitri Razak which never sounded racist at all. But, maybe because he was a Malay, so it anything he said would sounded bad to every other races' ear, I dunno, but look at Sabee Bee's reaction

Okay, now you've reached the line. First you called him "Stupid Dumbass", now you wanna go racist calling us "Malay Pig" ey? /typical Malay Butthurt reply

The point is, the guy's just being cool, and all he get was racist replies from the girl. And wait, they continued arguing.

And here comes the keyboard warrior, Grape Lee, came to the thread to save the girl's ass from being bash, in other words, trying his best to impress her so that he can get laid tonight, realizing the status posted were kinda fits for horny chick :">

Lihatlah. The arguments would never end. Until one of them realize that they've got some better work to do than talking cock with somebody else.

Sigh, and by the end of the thread, I finally realized that everyone of em' were really stupid. And everyone actually FAILed.

From sex-related post, it went all the way into some huge war between the Malay and the Chinese calling each other pigs, for God's sake. And fuck, since when people enjoy being racist than discussing sexual topics? Does this means that sex is getting lame? Oh Lawwwd.

Now, this, kids, is not what I wanted you to be when you're all grown up. Say no to racism, guys.

Remember, don't hate the LULz when reading this shit, but please, hate the racism.

And the moral of the story is, Racism sells more than Sex. Recently proved.

P/s : Ayam halal.


Hey Fella #3 - Gay Test

I'd hit this girl. Seriously.

But.. wait, whaaaa-

*OP = Original Poster = Thread Starter
**ITT = In This Thread

She's got a penis??


Be rational, brah. Think! You must make your decision wisely.


A : I'd still tap that.
B : Fuck no, she's a dude, motherfucker!

Help me out guys, I'm in a deep dilemma right now.

P/s : It's time you get yourself a real boyfriend.