Hey Fella #3 - Gay Test

I'd hit this girl. Seriously.

But.. wait, whaaaa-

*OP = Original Poster = Thread Starter
**ITT = In This Thread

She's got a penis??


Be rational, brah. Think! You must make your decision wisely.


A : I'd still tap that.
B : Fuck no, she's a dude, motherfucker!

Help me out guys, I'm in a deep dilemma right now.

P/s : It's time you get yourself a real boyfriend.


Anonymous said...

>>**ITT = In The Internet

You sir,has just phailed.

lufkin said...

i'd hit her anyway... honest answer..

lufkin said...

btw fukken saved...

zedRadzai said...

honest mistake /fixed


Shakaff said...

anon phail. ITT: In This Thread.

zedRadzai said...

fixed lagi skali wakaka

Anonymous said...

hahaha.. you're not gay. apparently

sebab dia tetap mcm pompuan.

and gay will not like trasvestite.