Racist #3 - This Is How You Troll True Racists

I do not own this masterpiece. I found it in a thread from /k/.

Plus, I do not find this shit pathetic, but instead I feel inspired by the skill of the troll, who happened to be half Malay, half Chinese [I dunno, based on the conversation]

When it comes to racism, any arguments would last forever. But I take that as an art. Not the racism part, but the troll and the butthurts. I like that. Because everyone who argues for some dumb shit matter seems too stupid, I guess, [well, except for the part that I do that a lot, but, who cares, tee hee :">] and I would very much like to slap my penis to their foreheads for being dickheads.

And yes, guys. This is a tale about how an awfully butthurted keyboard warrior wanted to save the girl of his dream [not true] from being hurt by another guy, who was actually the real hero [I mean, successfull troll] by the name Mohd Fitri Razak in this masterpiece.

Let me make this clear before you guys keep on reading.

Troll A [I tot he WIN at first] = Mohd Fitri Razak
Troll B aka Keyboard Warrior [I tot he FAIL at first] = Grape Lee
Troll C [Sampingan] = Sean Yap
Hot Chinese Chick = Sabee Bee

It all started with this Sabee Bee posting some kinda cool status sounded like

And there you go, first appearance of Mohd Fitri Razak which never sounded racist at all. But, maybe because he was a Malay, so it anything he said would sounded bad to every other races' ear, I dunno, but look at Sabee Bee's reaction

Okay, now you've reached the line. First you called him "Stupid Dumbass", now you wanna go racist calling us "Malay Pig" ey? /typical Malay Butthurt reply

The point is, the guy's just being cool, and all he get was racist replies from the girl. And wait, they continued arguing.

And here comes the keyboard warrior, Grape Lee, came to the thread to save the girl's ass from being bash, in other words, trying his best to impress her so that he can get laid tonight, realizing the status posted were kinda fits for horny chick :">

Lihatlah. The arguments would never end. Until one of them realize that they've got some better work to do than talking cock with somebody else.

Sigh, and by the end of the thread, I finally realized that everyone of em' were really stupid. And everyone actually FAILed.

From sex-related post, it went all the way into some huge war between the Malay and the Chinese calling each other pigs, for God's sake. And fuck, since when people enjoy being racist than discussing sexual topics? Does this means that sex is getting lame? Oh Lawwwd.

Now, this, kids, is not what I wanted you to be when you're all grown up. Say no to racism, guys.

Remember, don't hate the LULz when reading this shit, but please, hate the racism.

And the moral of the story is, Racism sells more than Sex. Recently proved.

P/s : Ayam halal.



mr Chat said...

Pertama-tama kalinya.

Hah! Majibi betul sekor2.

Shakaff said...

This comment was removed by the Cyber Police

mr Chat said...

Cyber police? LOLwhaaaaaat

Teh Moose said...

Haha. I've seen this happen so often man. It's really utterly stupid on so many different levels:

1.) They're trying to impress that overly made-up girl, as you mentioned.

2.) They're probably a bunch of DOTA playing geeks who lack any real intellect and try to act tough online.

3.) Hell, I don't know. This is just so stupid. Classifying a race solely based on what a minority of those people have done is plain ignorant and rude.

In the end, it's just better to take a step back, and let those blunt tools talk and laugh. I mean, no point getting worked up. Not like they're gonna provide you with an intellectual argument anyway. Look at the comebacks!

You know, your Facebook page sounds so lively haha. As always, good stuff!