Brix #9 - Kisah Tudung

Heyya guys! Have you ever woke up in the morning to actually notice that your dad is on top of you,

No, ini takde kaitan dengan entry ni.

Okay, this is one other observation which I manage to make back in Malaysia. You see guys, I was staying at my parents' house in Malacca and I'm bored to death for realizing that actually I don't have any close friends over there. SRSLY I don't. Kalau ada pon, tak bape rapat, and dorang pon ade kelas.

Because since I was little, family aku ni macam nomad. Asyik berpindah-randah because of my father's profession. Sebijik macam orang kena kejar Ah Long sial.

Which turns me into a still, useless lonely fuck who don't have anything to do at home. Just like the same here in Japan. LOL

And because of the depression being lonely at home without nothing to do instead of waking up late at day and showing pathetic smiles to my mom for being a useless son at home, I tend to go out alone, [Yes, alone, guys, ain't that suck?]

Going to the cinema alone, shopping alone, makan sorang-sorang kat shopping mall, memang perasaan die agak Godlike jugak la.

So I can't help myself then to look at people outside. And I've noticed something quite extraordinary compared to last year's summer break.

I actually can't identify which ones are Malaysians or Indonesians. Ain't that awesome? Especially the girls. Serious shit. When I walk alone in the shopping to buy shit, and suddenly a group of young girls with some kind of unique tudung style which made me to actually giving shit at what they are.

"Ui, ramai betol Indon kat sini."

And then I feel like being left out. Why am I the only one being the Malaysian here? :(

But, when I watch closely and carefully, turns out they speak Malaysian language perfectly, which made me realize that they are actually Malaysians, just like me.

It's just because of their fashion style that made me think that they were Indonesians.

Yes, guys. I present you the most popular tudung style in Malaysia nowadays.

Right, righttt? Yeah, I know this is kinda lame, but brace yourselves, for I'm about to write something nice to hear. For those awning keras tudung punya peminat, please GTFO or you'd be awfully butthurt reading this.

You see, I'm just gonna say it.

I hate those fashion. I hate it really much. It looks so ugly, man. Seriously. Why in the hell do they have the idea that they would look beautiful wearing those type of tudungs?

What, you thought you look at those tudung ads which clearly use Actually Beautiful models [Yes, not like you fugly girls] wearing them, and you thought you'd look pretty wearing them, too? Fuck you.

I feel like blaming those ads which gave such a great fantasy to those girls that they'd look pretty just like them. Well, no.

I feel disgusted just by looking at them. Not all of them, for about 3 out of 10 of them do actually look good wearing those. This I admit, because they actually looked nice, maknanya fashion tu sesuai dengan mereka. Dan bukan semua orang sesuai.

Not like you.

Yes, not like you. Don't you see it? You're ugly wearing those. Go find another fashion for your tudung to actually make your head look good. Why don't you just stick with the tudung bawal style? I would very much prefer to suggest that to you, because for me, tudung bawal looks awesome to anyone, but still, only AND only when you know how to wear them to look beautiful.

If I were to be a girl, I would never wear those tudungs bawak kua gi jumpa boyfriend ke, g jalan-jalan kat shopping mall ke ape ke, no, SRSLY I would fukken never do that shit. Koman-koman aku pakai pon just time kua gi halaman rumah nak sidai baju or time menyapu-nyapu kat luar, tu je.

I know, cara pakai tudung tu yang senang la yang membuatkan korang rasa suke pada dia. Well, no, since when in the hell did girls jadi malas berhias-hias ni? Perempuan secara fitrahnya suka berhias, and they'd give anything to look beautiful.

Tapi sejak kewujudan tudung ni, you girls turn to be malas gampang agaknya. Mana gadis Melayu yang aku kenal dulu ni? Yang suke sangat buang masa make up ape benda sume? LOL

Geez, I just don't know. Apa laaa yang cantik sangatnya adoiii laa. Looks like freaking ET to me. Oh Shiiiiiiittttt, it just got outtttt.....


Bak kata Kimon,

"Kadang-kadang bile nampak perempuan pakai tudung tempek, nampak macam palat juga ya :)"
Yeah, go kill him ladies.

But that's nothing related to tudung Indon neh. Yeap, there's many opinion from us bastards about your tudungs, some of us don't like both tudung Indon and tudung tempek tu. But for me, tudung tempek is still acceptable. I just don't like tudung Indon. Tu je. :)

Sejarah zaman tudung kat Malaysia ni ada macam-macam.

1] Mule-mule, tudung Wardina, tu la bermulanya zaman menempekkan tudung pada dahi.

2] Pastu start tudung Waheeda, ini era-era awal kemunculan tudung Indon ah ni! Sebab dah muncul awning keras depan tu dah. Damn you, Waheeda!

3] And then tudung Bienda, lilit-lilit letak bunga la ape la, tapi jarang jumpa jugak kan? Sebab wimmenz nowadays are lazzzzyyyyyyy HAHAHH AHHA

4]And then baru la kenaikan taraf tudung Indon, iaitu tudung Ekin. Hurm. Geez.

5] Pastu tudung Siti, ni pon okay lagi la kot.

6] And then last but not least, the latest one, tudung Yuna. Kembali la ke zaman tempek-tempek.


Now, don't get me wrong, guys. I'm not looking at this tudung Indon matter from a religious perspective. It's good for you guys to still tutup-tutup aurat. And I feel grateful for that.

I'm looking it from a realistic perspective, whether actually you look good or not. That's all. But, you just look ugly wearing them.

Now, to actually saying this out loud from me alone isn't enough.

Okay, now for the guys with dicks, ask yourselves, honestly, do you actually like those tudung awning keras tu? I know it, you don't. Just because it's a tudung and tudung is synonym with aurat which is a sensitive issue to our religion, you guys tend to keep it to yourself, right? Thus leaving your girlfriends to just wearing those tudungs which deep down inside you, you fukken hate them.

Yes, I know that fact guys, dontcha fukken lie to me.

Sebenarnya, aku dah usha lama sejak dulu-dulu lagi tudung Indon ni sebenarnya. You would actually look pretty wearing them only if korang letak rambut korang bersanggul tinggi kat bahagian atas belakang kepala pastu sarung tudung Indon tuh. Tapi itu pon kalau ikot agama haram jugak kan? Ikot korang la, kuatkan iman masing-masing, aku tak suruh pon. But, honestly for me, macam tu la baru nice. :)

Hurm, dah alang-alang masuk bab-bab tudung ni...

Speaking about tudungs, there are actually a lot of things that I wanna write. You ever walk in the mall, and you ever seen them girls wearing tudung dengan t-shirt lengan pendek? Heh.

You see guys, I fukken hate them, too. No, I hate those types of fashion much muchhh more than just this awning keras punya tudung. It looks so fukken awkward and weird la. So now, what, you're defending your aurat by closing your head with a tudung but opening up your penuh-kurap lengan to public?

Geez, now listen to this. When I see them, they would end up leaving me thinking about why the fuck won't they just buka je tudung tu. Heran betoi aku. Seriously, tutup kepala boleh, t-shirt nak dedah-dedah pulak.

And there's only three things that I could think of.

1] They're scared untuk buka tudung sebab terasa dosa free hair tu lagi besar dari just dedah benda lain. Padahal buka aurat jugak LOL

2] They're actually making an effort untuk mengelakkan terserempak dengan kenalan-kenalan family atau yang seangkatan dengannya, sebab takut kalau jumpa tak pakai jadi heboh satu kampung. Ini aku paham la, aku pon kadang-kadang macam ni. Don't worry, girls, I'm with you guys.

3] And last but not least, I know it, girls. Come on. Your hair don't look good, your hair sucks, rambut korang buruk gila babi, that's why you're ashamed untuk bukak tudung. Kan kan? AHHA HAHAH HAHAH HAHAHAH HHHHA HAHHA





ADOI =))))))))))

Sucks to be you.

Now, I may seem like an asshole. Well, in fact, I AM an asshole. Deal with it.


P/s : Best gila gelak macam Obe ni.


Ween said...

haha u know what? i've made a statement about tudung at a note i posted in fb. created a controversy back then at my faculty. har har.

uitm kot. malays tend to be soooo terasa ngan benda2 camni

zedRadzai said...

wow you really get it then, don't you? =)) niceee!

Ween said...

thats y i frikken like this entry. miahaha

ket said...

buruk kot tudung ala2 indon tu..
skali ngan awek aku skali aku kutuk

zedRadzai said...

yeah damn right hahahahhh

betol weh, penuh hatred betol rasanya time aku tulis entry ni td.

pam said...


hye ween

zedRadzai said...

unavailable pam. too bad.

Ween said...

haha siot.

Shakaff said...

Real wimmenz stay in the kitchen making me sammiches.

zedRadzai said...

classic shit. but true.

lufkin said...

Nice one sir, a straight bitchslap to their face..

Oh and yeah, fukken true, no matter what u wear, if you are fugly, you still fugly..

zedRadzai said...

oh shitt lupa letak vocab bitchslap. sedap tu dgr. kah3

pam said...

oh noooo

lufkin said...

lol.. should post this somewhere in facebook page wanita bertudung e.g for mass butthurt.. and then popcorn tiemm..

zedRadzai said...

page ekin. LOL

wahana3115803 said...

bawak2 bersabar zaid~but nice try haha...

*so shud i try pakai tudung awning keras tu?hurm2*haha

zedRadzai said...

nooooooo jangan lia jangannnn

wahana3115803 said...

comel ape macam atun....heee*wink2*

bley x2?tudung tempek pon tak bleeeyy~~

Sani said...

Hahahah...seriously zaid aku sokong ang kaw2 topik neh hahahah..even awek aku pn dh kne sound pkai tudung indon la tudung tempek la..hahah buruk siakkk

zedRadzai said...

wakaka aku dh ckp dh dow, tp kite org laki ni mcm takut2 sket kan =))) mmg buruk gila babi ahhh shitt

as said...

i love ekin,yuna & u zed.

Hasbul Ikhwan said...

hurm...actually aku xd rasa cam ko kat tdung awning keras nih zed..jenis fuck kaw2 kan??
aku rasa aku nmpak ok jer tdung nih..nice per...
cuma klu jenis tdung mcm nih tp kontot,x tutup dada..dis is shit.mcm amah indon jer da..
pastue lg fuck klu pakai mcm ziana zain pnahy pakai dlm drama per tah..
tudung awning keras cmtue gak..dpan dsa baik labuh cover dada tp blakang kontot plak...
bek xyah tutp tetek tue..ko tayang blakang plak..der~

akux fuck sgt tdung awning tu pon..aku fuck SANGAT2 tudung yuna..
tudung bek punya lilit2 mnyusahkan diri..x lawa pon..pastue singkat kat dada...
klu yang muka bulat pakai plak nmpak mcm bola kner bungkus..muka bujur plak nmpak mcm bola ragbi plak kner bungkus..
pendek kata aku mmg fuck la tdung camnih...
smpai adik aku x brani ar nak pakai kner sound ngan aku..
tp ader sorg g plak y wat xtau pkai gak...
tp ader gak y pakai lawa..
ika pakai time raya ri tue nmpak comei gak..
xtau ar comei sbb tdung ke sbb dia mmg comei..

kamil said...

wakakak...i feel u man..
i fukken agree..buruk dowh..
btw..welcome back..=)

Forever Alone said...

Walaupun aku takde awek tapi kalau awek aku pakai tudung indon aku beli tiket airasia suruh dia pi duduk kat indon je.

wahana3115803 said...

bes zaid?


zedRadzai said...

great! now why do you love me?

haha sbnrnya mksud aku by tudung indon tu yg mcm tu la. act nice jgk klu kite usha org pakai tudung awning keras time raya, better la dr jumpa pompuan2 kat mall pakai tudung Indon style yg menepati description ko neh.

ha yeap, tudung tempek cmtu aku pon nyampah gmpg klu jenis bentuk kepala agak bulat dan lawak gile bile nk menempek sgala permukaan selendang tu seboleh2 nak kasi melekat dgn kepala die. LOL

haha true right? but welcome back? haha asal?

@forever alone
lol statement ini sangat nice =)))

zedRadzai said...

haha xbpe nk best lagi sbb xde yg truly butthurt lagi ni shittt bosann

Tenbi Tudung Tak Indon (TTTI) said...

Agreed 100%.

wahana3115803 said...

sebab aku tak butthurt la kan?;))

zedRadzai said...

nice =))

pam said...

last2 tudung cam aku pakai gak paling nice kan

kamil said...

welcome back ngn idea2 mntap kt blog nih..hahah
n welcome back dr kesedihan gk..keh2

zedRadzai said...

wakakaka haktuiihh geli

oh haha aku igt apa. xpe, slow2 jd normal.

Aku bukan Juliet. said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Aku bukan Juliet. said...

bang..I 2nd u..

Honestly,I'm telling you..I'm a girl.I'm a student in UiTM..
and I dont understand why when i hated tudung owning so much but most of my friends are wearing them..urgh..mcm xckup indon melambak kt SA ne je..

Indon2 keje UiTM pon xpkey dh tudung cm 2..sume dh pkey tudung proper..student dn cm indon..indon da cm student..hadeyh.

to make it mom siap kasi hadiah dua helai tudung begitu time raye ritu..xnk ksi kecik ati, pkey r kt umah r..mmg haram r nk bwk SA..

Bang..u r not alone.;D

Imah Ims said...

zaidd :))) hahaha
tudung akak chicken chop kat uia.
(akak chicken chop tu indon btw)

i tried once, bapak laaah tak selesa lanngsung siak.

nice one yo.

pam said...

weh readers ang ade dari south africa sial. kite ade membe kat johannesburg ke bro?

zedRadzai said...

@i'm not juliet
haha see? even girls like you hated it too. so ape benda la yang dorang obsessed sgt dgn tudung indon ni adeoooiii la

lol haha xle blah tudung chicken chop. eh last time bkn ko pki tudung indon ke imah? =))

lol tu ah aku pasan jgk. gila babi ah. tah xtau plak aku. sape2 google bnda2 lucah kot, tu yg smpi kat sini.

mr Chat said...

Diorang google nigger lah gila, LOL

Betul lah tu, kalau kena dengan muka, cantik lah. Kalau tak..meh.

zedRadzai said...

yeah haha

yaser said...

tudung awning ni suma illuminati punya kerja ni. korg jgn tpengaruh sgt

mr Chat said...

Okay lah, usaha untuk bertudung. Daripada yang duk tayang tetek dengan bulu ketiak tu 24/7.

Bila orang usha, marah pulak. Bodoh punya sexy bitch

inb4 U mad?


Imah Ims said...

tu lah, tu masa open house gi umah syuib tu lahh, tak best langsungg. tu kali pertamo dan terakhir den pakai tudung tu. skrg tudung bawal yo, takdo dah tudung lain2. :D

Shakaff said...

@mr chat, b-b-b-but, i rike titz herrr durr.

zedRadzai said...

babi betol jugak tu sial. LOL

U mad?

wakaka oh ngaku jugak ye pnh pakai. ok la tu =))

Imah Ims said...

haha memang la penah pakai =)))))))

mr Chat said...


You like, you lick it :D

miss wawa said...

bagus jugak laa derang nak kai tudung.

dari perempuan melayu yang konfem islam tak kai tudung?

cth.. aku. :)

zedRadzai said...

@miss wawa
and now you're being proud of it. :)