Hey Fella #4 - We're Gonna Be Fine!

Actually, I'm writing this entry on behalf of all those out there who's been in a break up and dealing with such pain recently. Including a few of my friends, too.

I know that everything right now for you guys are just misery. You don't feel anything, you just feel like wishing all of this is just a dream, like in the movie Inception where actually some of the bad guys are just planting an idea on your brain of you having a break up when actually in real life you were just on the merge of a real break up. But having an inception like this would make you realize that your girlfriend is all you wanted, for now. And what the fuck am I blabbering right now? Forget about it. No hopes.

It's painful, everyone knows that. But by only knowing that feeling is not enough. You have to actually experience that shit by yourself to fully understand it. It's quite hard dealing with a broken heart. And it's quite hard comforting them, too.

There's no way that typical punchlines would work for them. It'll take time to heal.

No bullshit like

"Chillax bro, pompuan ni bersepah-sepah, kang ada la tu pengganti."


And others like

"Hurm, kalau ade jodoh tu ada la..."

Now I know that that is true, yeah, everything is this world is being figured out by God Himself, am I right? So He should know better.

But using words like these won't really make your brokenhearted friend feel better.

All he needs is time. And all he needs from his beloved buddies is for just being there for him. Being a good listener is the best choice. No need to go nasihat-nasihat itu ini, no. They can't afford to accept those shit just like that.

And yeap, even though we, as the friends can't do nothing to help them, but they should know better that they have to gain the strength by themselves! You have to get up!

And I still know, it's hard for you guys, for I'm still not fully recovered from a broken heart, too. Fuck this feeling! That's why I'm writing this fukken entry, for my own fukken good, too, for God's sake.

But you know what? Sometimes we tend to be in despair when the person we love the most leaves us, but the truth is, it's not our fukken loss, for fuck's sake, it's their loss! Screw them all for they left the only person who couldn't give up on them!

You should've known better, my beloved buddies. No, WE should've known better. Letting go of someone dear to you is hard, but holding on to someone who doesn't even feel the same, fukken way is WAYYYYY much harder. And giving up doesn't mean that you're weak! It only means that you're strong enough to let go!

And I know there will be times when we actually miss them. But, hell no. We are not missing them, we don't, guys! We're just missing who we thought they were... And we only loved them for the person we thought they were. They're not the same person anymore for now. And there's nothing you can do but move on with life.

Because pain is inevitable, you have to face it. But suffering - is optional. If you can't save your relationship, at least you just have to save your pride. We're human! We have our pride at stake. And just because of one fella who can't appreciate us just the way we appreciate them, it's not worth it, guys, really. Still, we have to be ashamed of ourselves. But echnically speaking, I'm still ashamed of myself, too. Camne tu? Ugh.

Geez, aku tulis gila babi kencang. Macam la aku handle elok je. Life pon dah macam gampang. No, this is for you, too Zed. LOL

But one thing for sure, don't fukken rush to get over something. Cause you know why, break-ups are like broken mirrors. It's better to leave them broken than to hurt yourself trying and struggling to fix it.

Just let it be. Keep in mind, that you're gonna get over this, and the person who left you can fuck off. No offence. This is a public entry for those who deserves it.

Now, it's our choice, guys. To actually still trying to save our relationship, or just better off letting go for real instead. It's our choice.

You'll be stronger than ever in the future when you're finally able to move on. I promise you this.

P/s : No one can promise they'll never hurt you, because at one time or another, they will. The real promise is if the time you spent together will be worth the pain in the end.


kamil said...

fuck yeah!!xsngka hg leh berfikiran cmni zed.trbukak gk la minda aku.can't agree more...thanks dude!

zedRadzai said...

don't rush it, dude. appreciate this moment 'cause you're gonna be strong as hell in the future.

Ween said...

"Every person who crosses your line of fate affects the path of your life."

read this somewhere. inspired me pretty much.

and thus, the cliche: everything happpens for a reason :)

if i were heartbroken i give this a thumbs up

zedRadzai said...

yea, that kinda sounded great! ;)
btw thx for the compliment, just helping out a friend.

annisa said...

wow zaid! well said :D
thumbs up~ lolz

p/s life must go on no matter what. hee~

zedRadzai said...

thx. yea, life must go on.

I wrote Crap said...

Sometimes, when people are sad, nothing can really bring them back up right away. Not words, not good advice, or even the people around them trying to make them happy can’t make them happy just like that. We should never tell someone to just be happy and forget about what’s holding them down because we’re not dealing with the pain in their heart. It takes time and patience for someone to get back up. It’s not that fucking easy..

zedRadzai said...

@Something about Crap
yeaa mate, you sure got a point! Nice one there!

eykin said...

nak nangeh rase :"<