Life #20 - The End

Have you ever had one of those days when you suddenly quit from some important business of your life?

It's based on many perspectives. Some people may call it, "Hell, it's about time." =)

And some does it, because they have realized that their life ain't that good enough. They have many other problems to deal with. And the problem involves the present environment, plus the sacred ability for not being able to forget the past. Which literally came up to one single thing. Quitting.

People quit all the time. People quit in their studies, their professions, and even craps they don't give a shit about. Quitting makes people look weak, but heck, we have no idea what's going on with themselves.

But the main reason of quitting is because they're tired. Tired of making their own life miserable. And on top of that, kalau melibatkan life orang lain pon sama-sama miserable, is it really worth a shot continuing it?

Looking at those Facebook statuses, I once saw a girl, I didn't even know her, her status just appeared on my live feed out of no where [LOL], stating out

"I don't trust in love."

on her facebook profile, and I looked down to her while thinking

"Geez, look at this sad, little bitch."

It's just, at that time, I never get to understand her true feelings. What was actually wrong with this girl? I never get to know that. I just merely jumped to conclusions about how low self-esteem she's got, and I prayed for her to get better.

And now, I knew it. I understand how she actually felt. It's like.. Like I've stated before, you'll never know what it's like unless you've experienced them.

And people might overreact with those things, when it involves other person. They'll say you're a selfish person. You're the dumbest, yet the most messed up, fucked up, screwed up person they have ever met. And shits.

And it will be hard for you hearing them, but you're just gonna bear with it, because you know better what it'll be, and you're scared of trying, so that decision is what you choose. It may seem a bit selfish, but seriously, you have your own reasons.

Okay, I'm gonna stop referring them to "you".

Now these, quitting nutheads, are exactly out of their minds, and fucked almost everything up to pieces and leaving them just like that. They're crazy people, they have lived amongst the wildest life of human nature, and what they decide is for the greater good. 'Cause we don't need crazy people. And you don't need that person. Yeah, you don't. He's the worst form of a male who failed to forget the past and he will always be in that form.

So, here he is, standing up on his own will, saying out loud that he doesn't trust this shit anymore.

Better off trying to focus on study, :"> playing WoW and starting over How I Met Your Mother Series from the beginning. LOL

And continue writing endless, offensive stuff in this shit blog, I guess? ;)

It's hard, but it'll be better. For the greater good. Cause I'm not worth it.

Fuck it. This is my last entry for EmoLife Series. Maybe :"> For I'm quitting it, too.

Overthinking, that makes it feel horrible. And will just continue sharing my point of view in life with another series which name I haven't decide yet.

P/s : Yes, it's all about love. And I'm quitting.


kamil said...

So, here he is, standing up on his own will, saying out loud that he doesn't trust this shit anymore.<----dont trust in love?

zedRadzai said...

nice one.

Anonymous said...

oh,patotlah ada org tengah emo sekarang.

kamil said...

2 soalan la wei..haha

zedRadzai said...

nahhh, dont say that.

lol haha it means a yes.