Sexist #9 - What, You Think You're Gonna Win?


Been browsing through Facebook and stuffs and one thing just caught my attention.

Status updated from a girl friend, stating out

"Lelaki pandang rupa. jadi tak salah kot perempuan pandang duit kan. (●^ー^●)"

Yeap, with those cute-but-you-know-they're-serious smileys.

And I was taken by surprise that actually until now, there were almost like 20++ person on Facebook has clicked the 'Like' button on that status. Ramai gila setuju! And around 5 person among them were boys! Shit apa ni?

Which made me feel kinda odd, for what have this world turn us men into? Where's our pride? We can't let those wimmenz-alienz outnumbering us!

God damn it, know your place, would you not?

And all I think of today, is about to be written on this shit entry of bashing those little cute women who think that they're gonna feel happy about that statement. No, you don't.

Well, c'mon, here me out, fellas!

Along with the developments and the highly improved living standards of us humans in this earth nowadays, we do admit that women are really productive on influencing the world's economy, politics, and social as we see it right now.

And when we look back in the history, we get what? Wimmenz aren't actually that good like today. All they do in the past were only to support their husbands, making dishes for their family, and taking care of them, too. On the other hand, we, the Men were only obliged to get into business and finding jobs, just to feed our family, yet we provide all the money to our wives to spend wisely because we were too busy working them.

One thing for sure, women should never get out of the kitchen, and they should go on providing limitless sandwiches for us guys! That is why God sent you ladies for us Men! That's your true purpose!

But little by little, those wimmenz tend to realize like

"What the fuck am I doing? This is boring!"

And hey, they actually demand for a gender equality to the world.

It might have been quite a big of a surprise for all of the men in the world, knowing that the women that they have been living together were also into that shit. Gender equality? No, dude, that ain't cool. We're the Men, and it's our job to be smarter, cooler, more productive, and more awesome than those wimmenz!


But, that was only in the past, so we've all moved on for now, all those gender equality matter felt normal to the global, for we the Men have finally approved for you Women to join us providing each other, and at the same time, being productive to the world as we see it! So let's look into the present. =)

Hurm, let's see...

Lelaki pandang rupe. Hell, yeah we do :"> And we're proud for it! Not a single moment of shame will bar us all upon having that desire. I mean, let's be realistic, which one would you choose if you were given two choice of a girl?

The beautiful one, or the ugly one? And take love matters out of this discussion please, geez. :">

Of course you jackasses would choose the good-looking ones! Dontcha fukken lie to me!

But, just ignore the fact that Women are just too talkative to deal with. Or you ladies would end up just like these 30% of the Women killed in the world. /sarcasm

And I don't wanna sound gay or anything but, uh.. You ladies have fought with all your might and strength for your demanding of gender equality all this past years. And we guys were cool with that. And what now? You think that it's okay for demanding a guy with deep pockets of money?

Geez, I already told you, approving that gender equality is one helluva big mistake that we Men have done! Look what they have become?

Bagi betis nak peha, bagi peha nak cock.

Oh BTW, just for the record, women drivers suck!

And I'd say, nahh, it's okay for them to judge a guy from their money. Because, I'm not serious in writing this entry anyway! HAHA

But the idea of them having requests yang dorang sume tu pon sebenarnya mampu je nak cari duit sendiri dengan banyak-banyak?

I mean, look at these Wimmenz nowadays, they get the chance to study good education, they get the chance to have a highly professional career, too! Jadi dorang pon boleh la dapat duit banyak-banyak! And what did they say?

"Lelaki pandang rupa. jadi tak salah kot perempuan pandang duit kan. (●^ー^●)"

Yet they already have bright futures but still putting on a demand of rich lovers. WTF?

You Wimmenz have the ability to provide now. You're just equal to us Men anyways these days. Heck, in some cases, you're better than us, too! We guys would never demand anything in return for your gender equality matter, but you're just gonna blackmail us with all of this shit? OH LAWD.

And just to be clear, I'd say.

"Lelaki pandang rupa. jadi tak salah kot perempuan pandang duit kan. And tak salah jugak lelaki pandang duit jugak balik. 'Cause nowadays, you Women are rich, too! So we get to demand both looks and money, while you get to demand only our money! BAHAHAHAHHAH AHAHAH AHHA IN YOUR FACE, LOSERS! (●^ー^●)"

Yeap, still keeping that cute-but-you-know-we're-serious Smiley =)

You wanna be realistic? Now that's my realistic opinion! :D

And what, you want us guys to be fair? Hell no! We can never let you Wimmenz win! That's our purpose in life. If a guys duels with a women, I'd go for the guy, of course. =)))

Haha I actually just kid guys. You know you're doing it wrong when you know it's wrong. But still,

Nah, I'm just having fun writing this entry anyway, it would be a shame if I were to have such mentality like this :"> SO you win girls.

For those who don't get it, rants and maki hamun below. And aku reply awal-awal. Ada dua choice aku leh bagi..


Or giving a bitch slap just for my satisfaction is cool, too :)

P/s : If you know someone is already taken, please RESPECT their relationship. Don't be the reason they end up single.


Shakaff said...

I'll gladly pay for your pussies.

pam said...

babi p/s itu.

mr Chat said...

HAHAHAHA! Take that you fucking bajet-cun-golddigger

inb4 U mad

Anonymous said...

me as a woman, agreed. pompuan skrg ramai betul yg mengada2. (kecuali saya). :P terpaksa anonymous. kang kena serang oleh bitches2. hahah cuak.

kamil said...

juga berminat ngn p/s

zedRadzai said...

yeah, you do.

sakit bontot?

yea, let's give em' gold-digging whores some lessons to learn instead of how to make sammiches in the kitchen lol

wow, you sure got the guts to be calling your own species "bitches" eh?


pam said...

tapi aku taktau

Shakaff said...

aku kena bantai

"kalu laki asik sruh pompuan blaja masak, x salahkan pompuan sruh dia blaja jadi imam ntuk keluarga.."

lolwtf? apa kaitan memasak dengan agama ni?

ahchOng's said...

hati yg busuk..kita bule ubah..tapi muka yang busuk..go fuck yourself in jamban laa..

jangan rosakkan kacukan DNA generasi kita atas dasar cinta..
apa aku taip ni..zzzz

Jamie Gapp said...

juga berminat ngn p/s