Shit Cover #13 - The Spirit Carries On [Dream Theater]

Last summer before I went back to Malaysia spending my summer holidays, I managed to be able getting done my part in this project. A kinda big project which five of us friends in Japan all from Gifu, Nagoya, Yamagata, and Toyama.

Yes, all of us were separated by distance but we can still be able to give all our commitment and effort into completing this project. Cheers to all of us!

So sebab project ni dah lama abes, and Leperd pon dah upload kat Facebook die, so I took the chance to re-upload it on Youtube and at the same time posting the link here in my shit blog.

A song from Dream Theater, entitled The Spirit Carries On which have its own strength of its lyrics and music.

And special thanks to Leperd Saifa for editing the whole audio and video of us.


Had a good time recording and may we have the chance to collaborate with each other again! :)

P/s : Fun Fact about rokok from Zarina : Kumpul duit rokok 4 tahun dapat RM20000 leh meminang anak dara orang. LOL

Credit [With links] to Leperd Safia, Aji Che Seliman, Hanis Zen, Matsushita Naoko