What I Hate About Japan #7 - Slurrrrppppp

Here, take a look.

It kinda sucked when you finally realize yang beras korang kat rumah dah abes and when you go out to buy another 10kg, tengok-tengok supermarket terdekat tutup 10 hari sebab renovation. FFFFUUUUUUU

So what the fuck am I gonna eat on this special 10 days 'vacation'? God damn it.

So I went out to the nearest restaurant, to have my dinner. Aku pergi kedai udon tadi. FYI, maybe I've already told you before, udon ni makanan jepun yang berkuah. Die letak babi dan sup nye diperbuat dari tulang babi.

Okay, just kidding guys. Mana ada babi. Betol ni kali ni. Yang ada babi betol tu Ramen. Won't happen again.

Now, this is udon. Some kind of a noodle which them Japanese are fond of. Boleh tahan sedap sup die. Bile hirup-hirup, hui...

The thing is, I'm a Malay, and I'm not used to eat like the Chinese people when it's about makanan berkuah sebegini. Well you know how those Chinese eat their noodles..


Annoying! Bising! Just like the same here. Biasa la geng-geng mata sepet ni sume satu spesies. Macam Melayu dengan Indon la. Dok ngata masing-masing when in fact both of us are from the same root. LOL

Okay back to topic. And when I was having my dinner kat kedai udon tu, there's other Japanese too. And it feels like eating in a crowd of some mangsa kebuluran from Africa sial.

The "SLURRRRRRRRPPPPPPP" sound was everywhere. I can't help myself but feel like kicking their fukken asses to shut the fuck up. Couldn't you just eat a bit more slowly? God!

And the worst thing about this matter is, being there inside some Japanese Udon shop, changes me.

Which made me thinking that that eating style is kinda awesome though, so after I RRAAAGEEE pada dorang maki-maki dalam pala otak, in the end I end up trying and learning how to eat just like them.


P/s : If I was a girl, I would get pregnant as many times as possible, then have abortions after the third month of getting pregnant so I would deliver a potato-sized 1/3 developed dead fetus, then I would take the fetus, put it in a jar of preservative liquid and put in on a shelf in a secret room in my house. And I would do it until I have so many rooms filled with nothing but only potato sized aborted fetuses. Then I would have a kid, and when they're bad, I would make them sit in the fetus room and remind them of how easy I could have aborted their ass.


lufkin said...

Pork udon..


Nom nom nom?

adzuan aziz said...

zed radzai si taf!

zedRadzai said...

yummy! but hell no. tp tah la, cam sedap jgk tengok tu. LOL

wan ko hensem muke korean dow, siyes2 ni ikhlas puji xtipu

Ween said...

p/s kau gross thanks.

zedRadzai said...

agak menarik kan?

Ween said...

haha in a way, yeah

menarik but gross. menarik but gross.

eika said...

hahahahaha bodooooo !! hhahaahhah

zedRadzai said...

lol apa yg bodo? me? of course I am! :D

Anonymous said...

u stupid or sumthing? In Japan, it's a compliment to the chef to hear the 'slurrrpppp'. Go look it up.

zedRadzai said...

"Which made me thinking that that eating style is kinda awesome though, so after I RRAAAGEEE pada dorang maki-maki dalam pala otak, IN THE END I END UP TRYING AND LEARNING TO EAT JUST LIKE THEM"

do you get what i was trying to say? i already was enjoying eating like them. This entry is not serious, you fukken douche bag. i was being ironic. go fuck yourself.