Childhood #2 - Fitrah Manusia

Have you ever ate a lemon or anything yang masam gila babi and had an reaction like this cute lil' son of a bitch?

God, that kid so damn motherfucking cute! I literally blow my head off into candies watching this .gif image.


When I was a kid, and when I was at the first moment of understanding the word fitrah, or shall we say, natural in English, I have quite some questions I asked to my mum but she refused to answer every single of it instead of talking me out of it by promising..

"Nanti kamu besar kamu paham la ye.."

Yes, an innocent child also has its own imagination, you guys. And me being the kid back then, I have my own stories to tell. About everything that connects a women and a guy into this particular activity which the grown ups call "SEX".

And I remembered back then when I had my first erection. Browsing the catalog and focusing into the lingerie section [pastu kantoi dengan abah pastu kena rotan kaw-kaw], yes. Since then I actually had my first sexual imagination.

God, and thinking about it now, how funny it was, indeed. I get easily turned on every night before going to bed just by imagining myself getting hurt or whatever and lay there with these 3-4 hot ladies sitting beside me getting all like..

"Awww, look at this poor hurt child."

Yeah, just by imagining that shit made my penis grew larger. Except for the fact that it was indeed, not that big, at that time back then. :">

Those were the days I was a kid. Now? I fap to every material before going to bed. =))


And there was Islamic lessons, too. And the ustaz made it clear that girls and boys shouldn't be holding hands together. Because at some point, it'd bring evil thoughts from Satan. And that made me thinking.


Why does it make us sexually aroused? Because of fitrah manusia? Yes, that seems plausible.

But being a kid, with the mind of an innocent soul, I think of it like holding hands with my sister. Heck, I didn't erection at all, even until now. LOL

So at that time, my mind kept wondering, why? Why do we actually get turned on by something like this? Is it because we're not used to it? That actually is a great answer, though, for me.

Imagine, being born in a whole new world unlike our world itself, we have pretty much everyone naked in the streets and all. Everyday, growing up, going to school, going to work, watching some hot naked chick putting on her shoe from behind, or some MILF jogging around the park with her iPod on hanging on her necks between her tits and her boobs bouncing around for every step of her jog..

At the end of the day, wouldn't it be all like..

Sikit pon tak heran. Langsung.

Because at that world, we're already used to it. And we ain't giving shit. At all. Screw porn, they won't get through that world anyhow. All the pornstars would be like pretty much everything you see begging around for money in Masjid Jamek LRT Station. Because nobody's buying shit.

And there will be no more kes maksiat zina, or anything like that. And heck, no more buang-buang bayi also.

Of course, life in that fantasy world would be freaking boring compared to this actual world that we're living in, yes, no porn at all, seriously?

But, who knows, everyone hopes for the world to be a better place. At least before 2012.

P/s : I'm thinking of writing some bullshit, but nahh.


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