Shit Video #3 - Youtube Five Second Movies

This is extremely some old shit, and I've already discovered these videos like a year ago but trust me guys, if you have the exact same sense of humour as I have, you'll be laughing your ass off.

I dunno, it gets me all the time. Pity all the producers, directors, script-writers of those movies to work very hard on making their movie one of the best out there but this son of a bitch manage to make the best out of it, which was even better than the real 1-2hour movie.

Yeah, you actually have to watch the actual movie before taking a peek on these parodies and understanding it. Kalau tak paham jugak tu, hurmmm, let's just our sense of humour isn't the same.

There are tonnes of 5second movies out there on Youtube, but to me, not all of 'em are super hilarious. Most of them are quite lame, too.

Anyways. I have my own favorites. The credit goes to the person by the name "That Guy With The Glasses"


Right, right?? 5second movies are the best!

P/s : I love my type.


I wrote Crap said...



WeenAzura said...

titanic paling kelakar thanks.

adzuan aziz said...

haha.kenapa tadi takde dangdunt akhir zaman.gersang suci tu.kesian dia

zedRadzai said...

@adzuan aziz
haha aku baru teringat nak post suci saharani ni. tu yang edit jap :">

that's why I save it for the last. Er, before that pink slutty outfit's performance.

nice smiley.