Serious Thoughts #4 - Sarcasm Rules


TL;DR type of entry. Quite a serious one to think about our own race.

In this stupid blogging world where people fantasize about being in their imaginary land which the writers would be imagining themselves being the Leader of a cult which were worshipped by stupid fags and readers like you by convincing you bitches on how awesome they could be by words in their blog and all bullshits in it, [woah that was long] there's only two type of blog writers who are using and making the best out of only one element in their writings - sarcasm.

And diary writers are so out of the list.

You see, I love sarcasm. And the internet taught me that sarcasm has no limit. So I should make fun of anything very very sensitive to the nature of religious nor racist men like you mafackas. But I won't. Maybe I will. But I won't. I dunno LOL

By using the sarcastic element of a point, we could bring tonnes of butthurts out there that are so stupid for not realizing that actually we are being sarcastic and all we intended to was to make them suffer and hurt from all of our writings. But like I said, there are two types of blogwriters who intended to do so.

One of them is the kind who likes to do sarcastic in a really bad way, but it's just not themselves. You see, guys, life on the internet and in real life would be a big difference for some of us blog writers. Like me, I once wrote a blog post making fun of hukum agama which you moralfags are so aware of, yeah, I ate that pork and enjoyed every moment of it with my beloved friends.

But the truth is, I didn't really do it and all I wanted was to see my fellow readers get mad at me, just for social experimenting. And everything went exactly as planned.

And one thing more to this is, this particular type blog-writer which I preferably put myself into is one type of a person who actually don't give a single fuck about everything. We just hate everything besides us, we hate our own race for being so typically stupid and get so easily paranoid and cepat melatah, well you know our race. But geez, deep down I hate bashing my own race to be honest. Nuff said.

But we still don't give a shit. We don't believe in anything. We're using the term trolling just the way it used to be. We troll people and ain't giving shit. We're just neutral, we judge everything from beneath, and make decisions on how to react with some kind of current issues, and that depends on how people react with those issues at first, and then we strike our owns. And just to make fun of it, we might react with such different reaction just to troll you guys. Cause that's what we do. In some issues.

And I'd be gladly happy to be one of these assholes. Cause for me, we're doing it the right way on using the term sarcasm.


The other part of a blog writer whom also uses sarcasm as his/her main element of writing is the one who actually stands up for what he/she believes in, [except for the fact that that matter they believe in is full of crap and bashing people all around] and the worst part of it is, these stupid sons of bitches are the ones who actually write pretty mind-blowing, butthurting, assraping, piece of crap which even I, would actually give a shit about it. But by the means of giving shit is, I actually get disgusted by every crap they wrote.

Because why? Now let's move on to the next step for further understanding.

The Malay Chronicle of 20th Century.

The Malays zaman dulu-dulu as we know it is one helluva God damn sopan santun punya budi pekerti punya manusia. And we never talk personal things with each other in public. Because it's in our nature that we tend to cepat sangat melatah and get overreacted with things so stupid, when you're realized you're actually that stupid, you'd be dumping your fucking brains off the toilet and flushs it over and over again. So we tend to keep things as a secret.

But actually, that was a matter of fact, in the past, where there would be no such things as technology as we speak of it right now.

Nowadays, with the usage of media, telephones, camera, televisions, computer, and Human's greatest creation, the Internet, these stuff would and already have turned our race slowly become changing, from extremely defending and protecting 'aib keluarga dan bangsa into stupid cunts who are so busy doing some charity work to raise the controversial matter in their neighborhood.

And one thing for sure, we the Malays back then, are so proud of our ketatasusilaan dan berbudi bahasa, until we forgot what it's like to actually confront something when we actually have to. We tend to use some other choices on confronting our "enemies", which at the same time, the acne of evil jealousy spreading slowly in our hearts and there it goes to their childs' hearts - you and me :)

And what was the solution made by our great great great granddads and grandmoms to overcome that problem of not having the balls to confront something?

We use kata-kata kiasan.

Yeah, I fucking hate Malay's punya kata-kata kiasan. Cuba balik kampung time raya and they'd be no single day without words yang tajam seumpama bilah pedang yang berkilau. Dan sume kata-kata kiasan perli tak hengat dunia tu sume datang dari siapa? Keluarga sendiri jugak.

Mak-mak sedara dan sepupu-sepapat.

C'mon, admit it, you guys. Kalau takde kat kampung pon, might as well you get those words from your own beloved parents at home. Sucks to be you! =))

Okay back to my point, enough of this Malay Chronicle 20th Century bullshit.

And from those evolutions of our race, and with the mixture of the technology of media nowadays, the Malays as we see it right now, turn out to be worst than ever. See it yourself, do the observation, not only to others, even to yourselves.

We're always pretending to be the awesomest moralfag ever for reacting so religiously on some point of view, like for instance the comolot youtube video and other .3gp videos. But as a matter of fact, why the fuck are we viewing it at the first place? You don't like it, you might as well don't look at it at all.

But not to worry, I maybe seem ungrateful to being born as a Malay, but deep down, I am proud of who I am. And I would never bash my own race as hard as I could, because turns out, those ayat-ayat

"Camne la nak maju kalau Melayu tak tolong Melayu, dok maki-maki bangsa sendiri?"

is actually true. Who are we to abandon our own beloved race? But at this moment that statement seems to be quite racist for a country like Malaysia. So I'd rather change it into

"Camne la nak maju kalau MALAYSIANS tak tolong MALAYSIANS, pastu dok maki-maki NEGARA sendiri?"

So let's move on the next next part. The second type of bloggers which I never managed to finish explaining.

Now these dickheads are the ones who have already evolutionalized from the stupid type of Malay people which I've already explained just now. Not even the slightest bit of guilty were felt when writing blog posts which seems to be bashing all people of their own race and their own land and heck, their own fucking religious. Yeah, that "fucking" word I put before "religious" kinda seemed awful, but I'm just gonna leave it instead.

Every word seemed to be kata-kata kiasan. Kata-kata halus. And people like me, honestly, I hate being around with all that "Kata-Kata Kiasan Sindiran Halus Malay Style".

What I love sarcasm is all about the internet. Not about how our own race is making-fun-but-in-a-serious-way of its own race by making the only and only one action that could probably be its own sacred weapon, which is at this point of referring - "Kata-Kata Kiasan Sindiran Halus Malay Style"

Stop bashing our own race. Our own religion. Our own country. Really. Instead you could give a hand. Take some action. Our country really needs us.

[Oh babi pedihnya tulis ayat ni, aku sendiri pon tak berapa nak membantu oh shit]

Off the record, aku pernah je kutuk-kutuk, but it all came out without even the slightest bit of anger. As for me, I made it just for fun, and it's not even the thing I'd stand up to. And you might say that is pure bullshit, but in my defense, you need to know that I am not a guy of an extremist. I like to keep it steady, not so tough, and not so easy.

Try comparing it with this blog post. Even you'll get it that sarcasm is all around, but yeap, you'd be fucking your own butt in no time. I actually don't give a fuck about his actual point, but I accidentally gave a fuck at how he tries to pass on that very message to his readers. And try giving a shot to read other posts. You'll get nothing but pure sarcasm, and personally to me, seemed to be stupid. Because this is pure Malay style punya sindiran halus Rogue Level 80 Critical Hit 8000++ Back Stab mati terus! And I hate that so fucking much.

Sarcasm Melayu are so not gonna win sarcasm internet. Even peeps at 4chan have a heart yo! LOL


P/s : Jikken Repootooooo.


Anonymous said...

clap clap. well written. i get your point btw. your blog seems to be still cool enough for me to read. kadang-kadang kite paham je point dorg ni nak sedarkan orang lain, but at the same time, kita rasa point tu dah lammmmmmeeeee. and lameness tu bile dorang sampaikan dalam kata2 tersirat yang truk sgt mcm dlm link contoh tu wat kite rs sgt fucked up. nk bash org, do it the right way, like obe ;) lol

zedRadzai said...

fuck off anon /trollface

sosej said...

anon babi

DzULhAFiZi said...

well said zed. and link Ameno tuh memang a perfect example utk portray point2 ko. I wonder if those butthurting people yg comment2 dalam tuh, bace post ko about maguro dlu. damn kene beli kilang popcorn I guess.

Anon said...