Sexist #10 - Masalah Ketinggian


You know why I hate getting a shower in a bath tub?

Yeah, happened to me once before. When I was little. God Dammit. Seb bek tak cedera apa-apa.



Female humans appear to be no different from any other species of animal when it comes to mate selection. Size - in this case, height - counts.

That women prefer taller men than her is nothing new. Short guys, sadly, unless they're rich, powerful or famous, [because those three elements are the only things that would drive a chick go crazy instead of our hawtness.] have come by this knowledge the hard way. Yes, we do. And women all over the world openly profess desires for height in personal ads.

And the question is why? I came across to think that the world is genuinely unfair to short guys like me. It kinda sucked though, when we meet new people, like this instance, a friend of mine introduced me to a girl of his friend, and beyond all his good and nice descriptions about that very girl, there's always a "but" in everything. And the "but" this time was

"Tapi die macam lagi tinggi la dari hang.. Hurm, 160++cm something?"

Yeah, thx dude for making me writing this stuff.

But for your information, I am a short guy. A fat-ass one, too. Pastu badan aku lebar and this lebar-ness makes me look even shorter than ever. Fuck this shit!

Everytime I'm with a taller girl, I'll fall straightly into, hurm how do I put this delicately.. Yes, the Friend Zone. And no boys would like it that effing zone! [Thanks Shakaff, pakai ayat ang jap]

My height is only 161cm and I'm gonna be in that height for the rest of my life. Sapa suruh tak nak minum susu time kecik-kecik? Ptuih!

Girls like taller men, that's one fact that scares the crap out of me. And they have their own reasons for that what it makes to turn them on. Reasons that seems plausible but geez, have a heart, will ya? It hurts my feeling and lower my self esteem to know that taller men seems protective for them and they'd love that. The taller the better. Can't short men protect you bitches, too? No? :(

As you can see, love is overrated in this matter. There's nothing to compare when it's love. But that's just the way it is right now in this world. We have to live it, even though it's unfair to begin with.

You know like in sex afterwards, when their exhausted, girls like to baring-baring on our chest and play with our hairchest for a while. Pastu time comolot like these two doing in public..

Don't it look romantic to know that this couple is just cute? And the perfect height of them is what makes them look even more cuter. Just like in the movies. You'll never see a new version of Twilight starring a new Edward Cullen with the height of 5 foot 4 inches banging Bella Swan from behind.

"Die pilih KLCC doh.."

Haha, I personally think that this video is cute for them to be arguing in this stupid way and end up kissing each other. Romance is in the air.

What I hate about this video is the friends of his who are too fucking "awesome" to be making fun of them by recording their personal moments and uploading it on youtube.

And yeah, the couple is quite stupid, too, for kissing in public in Malaysia. Tak peka dengan environment masyarakat Malaysia yang gila babi anti dengan perkara sebegini.

Don't hate love. Hate the insensitivity in that video. By this insensitivity I mean the stupid heroic friends.


What the fuck am I writing? Back to topic!

So why would these chicks would preferably go for taller guys than them? I have my own opinion, but turns out it's just the same like Shakaff's. So no need to be writing a new one.

"Well, first thing first, they don't actually like tall guys, they're just looking for a taller man than them. If she's 1 foot 2 inches tall like a husky, she'll settle for a 1 foot 3 inches dawg in no time.

Here goes,

1. Taller dawgs to look like a perfect couple in front of homies.

2. It's a fucking trend. ["Wow tinggi la laki u tu Shida. Hawt!*gaya Scha* I nak laki tinggi macam laki you jugak!]

3. Someone to look up to. [Like a dog looking up to their master]

4. To feel safe.

5. When they look up, dawgs will instantly get a hard on by gazing on those eyes. [Kalau laki pendek, usya dagu, profit? Phail.]

6. By some reason, it's just a natural feeling.

7. Time kissing kaki terangkat, romantic sial.

8. So their dawgs can look down onto their cleavage. [Skill mengelak lelaki usya Siham lain]

Ada! Don't deny it, girls."


Thanks Shakaff.

So the solution?

The key to overcome this suck-the-fuck feeling is to have confidence in yourself. [What the fuck is suck-the-fuck?] Be more sweet of yourselves, as women love sweet loving men, and be hypocrite, because that's just not ourselves. LOL!

I kid, guys. We know when it comes to loving, being sweet just happens by itself. It's natural, just like the way you bitches like taller man. Fuck you.

And if you just gonna give a go on taller girls than you, I'd say,

"What the fuck are you waiting for?"

Because that's what people in Forever Alone United will do. We support each other, every fucking single time.. Thanks Kimon.

The world doesn't need taller men. You don't have to be like Beng with his 180++cm tall skeleton. LOL But still, have some confidence in yourselves!

Girls like taller men. Deal with it, or go have fun in Disneyland. Here's a free ticket.

P/s : Looking forward to this.

Credits to Shakaff. And Pam for making me write this entry.


pam said...

thank god BMI wasn't mentioned in this entry.

zedRadzai said...

You want me to edit it fer ya? LOL

Shakaff said...

chicks dig my dick.
i don't need no fucking credits.

Anonymous said...

siapa kata semua perempuan pandang yg tinggi je:)

zedRadzai said...

hey look at the femanon

well... look who's talking, you might as well be a guy.

Lah said...

Damn I feel you dawg

Hannah Haykhall said...

hey chill okay..161cm tuh tinggi dad 165cm happily married with my mum 168cm (not sure sgt tp tinggi ah dr dad)..bahagia alhamdullilah..and adik2 perempuan mak mostly their husband memang rendah dr isteri sbb genetics maybe from maternal side.height does not matter..betul tak tipu..jgn risau2 k..