Toilet Paper #1 - Site Tuka Nama

Lately, I've been thinking about this site's name. It's getting lame I guess. WTF? I guess I'm ashamed of that name :">

So here comes tonight. I think I'm gonna change this blog's site to a new URL.

Forget whosyourmom. This blog will no longer can be accessed by that name and I'm gonna put my own name as the new URL.

Effective immediately.

I'm sure some readers would probably get confused with the sudden disappearance of the whosyourmom site. But I guess they'll find out eventually. :)

New identity, new blog name, new URL. But no worries, nothing's gonna change about the content. Craps and shits as usual. =)

So, here goes. Goodbye

And welcome,!

P/s : Senyum bahagia!


Anonymous said...

nice new layout!