What I Hate About Facebook #9 - Forever Alone


They said I could write anything in a blog, so here goes.

It sucked being single. Really. When you're preferably better at being in a couple. Everyday seems meaningless when you open your eyes every morning being disappointed with the very special dream you had last night about your ex.

Yeah, I can't seem to forget her. God damn it.

But hey, try putting yourself in my shoe. Being here alone in Japan, when everyone of your race is about thousand miles away in Malaysia. So you're lonely, and all you have is a laptop and a high speed internet connection.

Honestly, what would you do?

Now, this may seems gay, but me and my lonely friends here have this hobby of ours. Yeap, we had this thing called "Clicking "Add As Friend" at Random Chick's profile on Facebook".

Yeap, ain't that sucked? Of all people in here we still tend to look over the Malay chicks we have back in Malaysia. Because why?

"Alahhh, aku saja-saja je main-main add die ni. Just for fun je, nak cover lonely teman berbual je, takde ape-ape ah!"

"LOL babi ape men add awek kat Facebook, macam boleh je dapat."

Yeah, we all know those facts. But we kept one thing in mind, that we are still the Malay dudes who are super lonely and tend to do stupid no-benefit things such as this shit. Adding chicks but still keeping it on the right side, our own race. Because "Siapa bilang gadis Melayu tak menawan?" right? That's a compliment to you camwhores.

And even though we'd like to say,

"Saja-saja je ni.."

Well actually, deep down inside we hoped for something special. You know what I mean right.

"Everybody's looking for that something,
One thing that makes it all complete,
You find it in the strangest places,
Places you never knew it could be.."

Flying Without Wings

And when at worst times, we also tend to be the worst stalker ever.

But, nope, don't get me wrong. We don't stalk you chicks. We never do that. We're just merely

"Wow, comel dia ni!"

*Klik "Add As Friend"*


And forget all about it the next day. Until whether you chicks approve our friend request or not.

And if you didn't approved, we ain't giving shit. It's Facebook, you can add pretty much everyone you want and you can also approve or reject pretty much every friend requests that you've got. Lucky for me, I rejected this certain person's friend request just now because I just don't feel comfortable having that person in my friend list. What do you expect in return for entering a messed-up dude's room without notice? Being total clean like I even have a wife? Well, I'm happy fer ya. But I am a messy guy right now. /depressed mood

Let's get back to my point.

And if you approved our request, let's get back to how far the timeline is from the minute we clicked that button to add you as our friend on Facebook and the moment you actually approved our request. There's only two possibilities, whether we remembered you or not, because it always happened to me, time add seronok sakan, pastu lupe. Like

"When in the hell did I add this bitch?"

Kalau ingat tu bertuah la. Lenkali approve awal-awal. LOL

Look, I know I'm being a total loser right now, but this is just me. Adding random persons on Facebook, well, that would probably be the lamest way to making out with girls. It is. I know.

But I just hate it. I want that thing so much, and it sucked that you have to fix your broken heart first. Can't human beings just know each other for the first time and for the love of God, they immediately fall in love with each other and forget everything in the past? That would be so fucking easy.

But I'm still gonna admit it, adding those persons, well, it was kinda fun though. No matter you'll approve or not. That's not the point. You see these sad sons of bitches trying to have fun with each other, while deep down inside they're sad and lonely but still willing to make effort to find that something that everyone wants so fucking bad? Even with the stupidest way? LOL

Look at me. I'm super cute. Please gimme a chance! :3

I'm just saying. I hate it that I'm like this. I'm not even close to be focusing on what I'm supposed to be focusing right now, and one thing that I'm still being able to think about is being in a couple? Geez. Sounded desperate enough for an almost-12months-after-getting-dumped-by-his-girlfriend-but-still-can't-manage-to-fucking-move-on guy.

Well, let's just say, having that particular something would bring great effects on you somehow. Who knows, someday someone would actually changes you into being a better person? It does sounded desperate, but this is how I feel, no, everyone of us here feel, dontcha fucking lie to me, you fucking dickheads.


What the fuck am I writing right now? Is this an emo entry. OH LAWD.

Nahh, you know what's the suckiest thing about Facebook right now that I fucking hate?

Bile belom add,

"Wow muke comel! Nice, nak kenal la die ni!"

Bile dah approve.

"Is in a relationship with
Abdul Ghani"

And the process would repeat itself for about many times as it goes until you finally give up and decides to take a break somehow. And the uglier the boyfriend's face would look like, the more RRRRAAAGGEEEE it gets.

Until at some point, you feel like..


P/s : Suddenly I got a feeling that we're gonna back together. Please stop.


pam said...

nyoki nyoki

Anonymous said...

cari je yang lain.. :)

kamil said...

'cari je yg lain'
this anon just dont fucking get it..

haha said...

hah. good luck. untuk semua. :)

Shakaff said...

I don't need a girl in World of Warcraft though having one wouldn't hurt a bit. hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm


zedRadzai said...



yea, he/she probably don't get it LOL

distance, brah.

don't fap with that shit. Please.

i'm-better-than-you said...

same goes for me.. why can i just fucking forget about my ex so that i can move on??!! i hate myself n i hate my ex but i damn fucking hate my ex more!!
most frustrating part is when ur ex find the new one is likeee faaaarrrrrr worse or loserrr than i am.

zedRadzai said...

@i'm better than you

woah, chillax dude. i feel ya. but about your ex's new lover, that's not the frustrating part. that's the part where you're supposed to be proud. 'nuff said.

p/s : join the Forever Alone United. We support each other for every fucking single time.

eykin said...

wow, 12 months? mine is 7. shoooo shaaaaad rite :'( hahaha