What I Hate About Japan #8 - Overwhelming Excitement

What an excitement feeling of knowing your beloved sister was having her best day of her life getting married to her husband while you're far away not being able to attend that wedding. Geez I missed two big weddings in my whole life right now, which was my eldest brother's, and yesterday, my sister's. Sucks right? Totally.

But that's not what I'm gonna write right now. Yesterday was quite a day to me. You know about those fiesta-event thingy some universities handled right before the graduation day? Yang semua orang excited nak bukak kedai tapi haram tak tolong langsung? Yeaaa, that day.

Now yesterday, my college set up that event and we the Malaysians over here had just opened up our booth of Malaysian food. We sell sate, roti john, dadih and some other kind of you know, Malaysian stuff. Yeah, we do that all day.

No, this is not about what I hate of Japan. Let's get to the point first.

The Japanese as we know it, are one kind of a race where they tend to take good care of others' feelings. Yes, despite what they've been in the past, where they've been ruling our Tanah Melayu and pancung-pancung people everyday. Now they've been better. LOL

And at first, I really appreciate what they're doing. Semedang dok nak jaga hati orang je kan. Well, of course, we all love that effort, don't we?

Everytime I go to the convenience store, or any restaurant, I'd give three thumbs up for the service here. They really acted like they were serving us customers as their God. Hey, I'm serious.

It's like we the customers, are their God. And it doesn't make any difference just because I'm the outsider. They even serve good service to their own people.

All those smile, and all those charming act were really meaningful to us customers. We would never get more stressed out when we go to those places. They would do anything just to maintain their service at a higher state that would bring appreciation from us.

And right before last Aidilfitri, I went back to Malaysia, and I was feeling quite strange when dealing with the service our people provide for us.

And it was ironic, though. It's like at the second I walked out from that plane, the environment suddenly changed.


"Wow, it's so good being back home! :D"

Until I entered the chocolate store in KLIA, to buy some chocolates, I was like


Because you know why? Our people don't treat their customers that way. And it feels kinda odd to being treated like a stranger in their own shop when you're only used to 100% quality service of the people here in Japan.

I don't wanna sound gay or anything but the service sucks in Malaysia. In here when you pay the things you buy, they would focus all of their attention to you, but in Malaysia, hurmmm. I remembered back then when I was at this 7-Eleven in Malaysia once, the cashier did quite a good job to impress me, because he reminded me to the Japanese here, he treated me well. Itu pon sekali je aku jumpa. Respect la mamat tu.

But the others? Geez. Sambil-sambil aku hulur duit nak bayar bole plak die tak henti ngumpat dengan rakan sekerja die kat sebelah. Sampai tak pandang aku langsung. Pastu dok ngutuk negara sendiri, itu la apa la. Baiki diri sendiri dulu sebelum bantai orang lain. [Yes, pesanan untuk aku jua :">]

Okay, that's enough bashing my own country :"> Let's get back to this What-I-Hate-About-Japan thingy.

When you already used to good service, you know there's a limit, don't you? I realized this shit when I went to this restaurant nearby, and this one waiter was overacting her service. She was really really, I mean really guys, she had this particular overwhelming excitement of shit glowing around her that apparently, we're not stupid enough to know that it was all a God damn lie.

She smiled so hard we all know it was fake enough to realize. She gets her voice tone high enough to know that it's not normal to speak with people that way.

Everything was quite an act. Sampai rasa cam gampang. Yes, I know it's good for them to treating customets their way, but could you do it a bit less more obvious that you're acting?

It's like she was making a fool out of herself. Kesian die. Kalau rasa senyum tak ikhlas tu sudah lah.

Kesian, kesian. Orang Jepun ni memang pelik-pelik. Cacat betoi.

But what makes it ironic is that when we had our Malaysian food selling yesterday, we treated our customer just the way they did. LOL!

Anyways, thanks, Malaysians of Gifu! I really had a great time yesterday! :D

Minna Otsukaresama deshita!

P/s : Occasionally, in a relationship. the word 'Someday' means never.


EmaRadzai said...

*out of topic, tade kene mengena comment regards what you hate bout japan*

I'm now in my office. and first thing i do is opening ur blog, n hoping there's a new entry. n yes, u did write one.

yeah, we all missed you btw. T_T

Anonymous said...

haha btol zed.fuck gila rasa woih ngn fake smile diorg.

pam said...

eceh p/s

Hasbul Ikhwan said...

but still x dpt pi kduri kakak sindri..

saja bg panas~

zedRadzai said...

haha i feel ya mang