What I Hate About Japan #9 - Squeakkkk!

'Sup guys..

First of all, it took me a while just to put a new image in this blog's header. Geez, I really sucked in the HTML section. It drives me crazy! GAH!

And I was hoping for some compliments, please, do compliment me guys, I worked hard on this. :"> Nahh, just kidding.

Well, let's get back to topic. So another What-I-Hate-About-Japan series ey? What is this all about this time?

Okay, for starters, before I came here, and when I first being introduced to anime and Japanese AV and stuff, I really like it so very much. I mean, look at their voices, especially the cute little girls. Those squeaky little voice, sounded very manja with their sengau-sengau and all, God! It's just, at those time I was really into those animes. And it really turned me on everytime hearing them, so I figured out this maybe worth a shot to take. No, several shots to take.

Yeah, you know what I'm talking about.

And geez, back then when I watch their porns, I would pretty much savor every breath and every moment of it. Those moans, sigh, those moans, guys, are unbeatable. I would pretty much rather watch Japanese porn all day than fantasizing about having sex with a girl of my own race. /eksagerasi

And at those times I find this video which was made by a Japanese so-called cute girl, well, I find it kinda cute.

Sort of.

I mean, she's really adorable, man, and the way she talks, DAYYYUUUMMM, is hilarious plus super cute all together in one element of an adjective. =)

Hurm, yea... I know it's weird, ain't it?

"NYOKI NYOKI NYOKI Pala butuh dia."

I know, I knowww, guys. It's good that those feelings I had were not for long. Guess I was quite a weirdo back then.

You see, since I actually came here, and when I truly used to the way these Japanese girl talks, it's just scares the crap out of me. It's just not fukken normal, for crap's sake! And I have no idea at all, why the hell would I thought these voices would sounded cute back then?

And then, day by day, I started feeling disgusted by it. Meluat. Menyampah. And today, I am glad to announce that I am no longer and will never watch anime with cute little Japanese girls in it and I am no longer watching its porn, too. :">

Because why, I remembered when I was in my first year of college, which was last year, I came across to be socializing with them Japanese in class. You know, those lectures where we were divided into groups and discuss about topics given. Yeah, I had to. And the girls, I dunno, when they're happy and a bit close to over-reacting, they sounded more weird.

It's like you're squeezing their head and the voices which come out of their throat sounded more squeaked and kecik. Plus the sengau-ness. What's "sengau" in english? I don't fukken know.

What I know is, the sengau-ness of their voice is what makes it sounded more creepy, unnatural, awful, horrific, ominous, strange, uncanny, spooky, inscrutable and pretty much everything you get when you googled "Weird+Thesaurus".

And when I get used to it, I was disappointed with myself. Ape yang comelnye WTF? And everytime after class I would go back home feeling unwell, I feel sick all the time, really. No, that was a joke.

Too bad to know that those matters are really in their nature, I mean, the girls over here. And the best part is, I have no problem at all with the boys' voice. They sounded cool to me. You see how big the difference between the male and the female over here?

I mean, I like manja-manja girls. When it comes to our race, perempuan yang manja secara natural ni memang betol-betol taste aku. God, I loveee perempuan manja, comel, tak kurus sangat, kecik... Hurmm.. :"> Bukan perempuan yang buat-buat manja k?

But it just felt wrong with them Japanese. Sigh, why are they so fukken weird?

Itu belom bile aku travel, masuk bas, masuk tren, jalan-jalan, dok dengar dorang berborak sesama sendiri and laughing together with their squeaky little voices which freaks me out a bit.


Tapi tu la kan..


"Eleh, cuba sorang awek Jepun bogel depan ko,
ape ko buat?"


Teeheeeeeeeeeeeee :">

P/s : Don't think. Don't fucking think. Because when you think you realize just how fucked up everything really is. You realize you don't fucking know how you got where you are, you don't know where you're going and you don't know what to do anymore. So, stop thinking.


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Nice...lawa blog..hahaha :P

pam said...

nyoki nyoki. hurm.

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tq! a compliment at last lol