Brix #11 - Awkward Silence


The key to a good communication skill is to adjust every moment of conversation not to turn out being weird or some kind of an unintended joke to the other half. Like meeting new people, you have to be a good listener, or like pretend to be, because at some point, for instance, stating out..

"I love you because you're a good listener."

Is sure a sad thing. Because everybody's hypocrite and nobody's actually give a shit about some girl's talk or problems. We guys just wanna have sex with you.

What people really give shit is the impression. The first impression. That moment is where you should bring out the best of yourselves to show off to people of how awesome you may be.

And the first impression is very important, because it may change things. People usually would never wanna get to know a super wasted drunk guy in the liquor store compared to a normal good-looking, un-fucked up guy who's sitting in the bar having fun with his fellow friends.

Because to that drunk guy, people will never be able to forget of the first impression he gave to people, even if he woke up the next morning and turn into the normal guy you see at the bar. Well, let's just say that it's his bad luck for having such an awful day.

Enough of this crap everyone knows about.


What I'm gonna write tonight is about this certain moment which you don't get everyday with the exact same people. And the chances of people handling this situation smoothly is thin.

Yeah, it's about the moment where you just shut up without reasons. And eventually, even women [who as we know, talks a lot ] would surely have those things moving around. Yeah, you do.

Sigh, these sexist jokes are sure getting pretty lame.

Awkward silence. They should be treated in a funny way. Unless you're dealing with your angry boss or over-protective dad or anything, you should take a shot of it with your friends.

Remember the times back then in primary school, in the class where everyone of us kids would not stop making noises because we're too busy playing and enjoying our lifetime as a kid?

Geez, I miss those times.

Nahh, I'm not finished.

Well, speaking about mine, it sure does happen a lot. The greatest awkward silence in the whole class with a bunch of kids who sure can't take it being quiet, suddenly, without any reason, everyone seems to be pretty much in a silent moment for some seconds at the same fucking time, and that is all.

Don't you think those things are weird? Yeah, I know the Malay Muslims call these moments..

"Ha, malaikat tengah lalu.."

And the best part out of it was, every class has its own cool kid. Every time the awkward silence strikes out, the cool kid would make one joke, actually, the joke is quite offensive to Muslims anyway, but these cool kids, ain't giving shit and start trolling people in real life since 5th grade.



Cool Kid : *Tiba-tiba bangun dari kerusi dan sua dan hulur kaki ke hadapan* Malaikat lalu weh, tahan dia, kasi die jatuh. XD

And the whole class, including me, would burst out into laughter of the first offensive yet horrible joke I knew in my childhood. If you do those stupid jokes in the office or the class today, maybe people would misjudge you and think you're just stupid and insensitive. Strange, right?

Awkward silence, there's so many ways to bring laughter out of it.

Say, you make an intended joke at school, making fun of the guy who everyone laughs at [yeah, every college have those], but turns out it became a truly honest mistake about him..

YOU : Weh, tengok! Ni ha budak yang jatuh longkang semalam HAHAHAHAHA AAHHA AHAHAHA HHAA.

And when you realize you're laughin alone in the class, you bestfriend came to you and..

Member bisik : Psst, weh die baru dapat tau bapak die meninggal tadi duh..

YOU : ..............

Now that's the perfect awkward silence.

*God, I hope this never happens to me. It feels so awful, man*

And you have no idea of apologizing to the guy, or even do anything to handle the matter from being worst and you can't stop feeling bad every time you think about it.

These moments, it's just an illusion. It can make us feel bad, feel good, or even feel both. But the real cool thing to do about this moment is, to be making fun out of it.

Just like the cool kid with his "Malaikat" Joke. He really knows his stuff.

You see, whenever the moment of that awkward silence comes, suddenly the whole place became gloomy, moody, and everything you feel bad about, right?

And when you become the cool kid, and make everyone laughs, suddenly POOF! and everything goes away. Now ain't that just awesome?

P/s : J-J-Jaded.


pam said...

tepi2. malaikat lalu naik virago.

tify said...

hahhaha btw, -awesome blog!