Brix #12 - The Conversation Of The Three Dumped Guys


Other than my homies here in Japan, I have two other best buddies, back in Malaysia, let's just call em' Max and Bob. We were best buddies since highschool. And every one of us had bad luck, yeap, our ex-s dumped us even when we would give everything for them.

But the recently dumped guy was Max. Me and Bob's break-up were like months ago. So he had a talk with Bob and me being the listener. Max planned to talk about some serious talk, but it turned out being funny instead.

Max : Aku pelik la perempuan ni, dah lah diorang ramai, lelaki sikit, dah jumpa orang cam kite ni, yang sayang gila babi, dah all out abeh duit peluh sume, leh dorang tinggal gak, Tapi btw, nampak la bangang kite kat situ.
Andy & Bob : Hmm.
Max : Pelik doh, aku tak dapat benci ex-ex aku before ni, tatau pasal ape, maybe sebab kena tinggal kot.


Max : Eh tak ah, bukan sebab kena tinggal, sebab bangang kot.
All of us : *Looking at each other*.... BLUERGHAHAHA AHHA HAHAHAAHHAHA.

After all the laughing..

Bob : Tu ah, aku rasa geng-geng kite ni susah la nak dapat awek betul-betul elok, sebab tiga-tiga bangang.
Bob : Zed lagi bangang, hahaha kena tinggal puh puh camtu. =))))

Well, thanks guys, even I wasn't there, you guys sure made my day.

You see, fellas, having friends like these are like the most awesome gift from God himself. You make fun of each other, with nasty lawak kasar punya, neither behind his back or even in front of him. And at the same time, you understand each other pretty much. Having friends like these is pretty much the most awesome gift everyone wanted.

And this isn't some sarcastic shit.


Enough of the friendship crap.

Maybe all of those BS is true after all.

Moral of the story --> Never give everything to someone special till you're... No, don't ever give everything. LOL

Cheers, Brohood of Bangang. Not to forget, cheers to Forever Alone FC, too!

P/s : "I'm sorry for you OP, weird though, after my first gf, where I did all that and everything, I already learned that the nice guy doesn't actually work. I am now an asshole and it's working great, you know. Not the all retarded type of asshole, just the teasing one and such. Well, I also learned I can never get over my first, and that I regret ever meeting her, even though the time with her was totally amazing. She broke me. Bitch."


pam said...


this shit's worth a million dollar

Anonymous said...

girls also face the same situation here!
i mean real girls not bitches~ lolness :D