Hey Fella #5 - The Reacher and The Settler


In most relationships as we see it, we can almost judge one's purpose on the specific relationship which is as simple as it is, by clarifying and identifying which ones from the couple are the reacher and which ones are the settler.

And for most of you who haven't understood of what I'm about to write in this saja-suka-suka relationship crap, here's a simple explanation.

Say you have a friend of yours and his/her lover.

From both of them, who amongst them would you say, I dunno, would be the one who would actually make the relationship going on? Say, without his or her attention to the couple itself, the relationship would be as sour as a vinegar. Or in other words, boring. Unattractive. No future.

That would be the reacher.

Because as the word itself means, the person who's actually being the reacher is the one who are used to push and struggling to reach and see where things are going in the relationship while the other just sits there doing nothing. They are willingly to give everything it takes to keep the love of their life to always being by their side. That being said, if you ever thought of yourself being the reacher in your current relationship, don't feel bad. In relationships, human beings with emotions like us normally may have been in that situation before, which of course, most of them are caused by obvious reasons :

1. You're not hotter than your couple.

2. Your couple is still healing from a broken heart or may haven't moved on from a certain unresolved issue in their life.

3. There's just something in you which turns them [your lover] off.

4. You suck in relationships.

5. Guys/girls other than them are just out of your league.

Let's move on. So what does the settler makes in a relationship?

Nothing. Most of the time he/she just sits there watching his/her couple trying their best to make them happy. And by the word "settle" which makes a settler be a settler, is that he/she is actually settling down from all of this relationship matter. And this may be caused by certain reasons, which by my opinion, is :

1. They are way hotter than you.

2. Their lives are fucked up, so it won't bother settling down for losers like you anyway.

3. There's a certain something in you that makes them still wanna be with you, but.. You'll figure out that "but" sooner or later.

4. They have no choice.

5. Deep down inside, they might think that they would hit a hotter girl/guy instead of you fugly fat fucks.

There you have it. The reacher and the settler.

If you readers would like to look at others first before jumping into conclusions about your own sweet-ass relationships, well, let's have a try, shall we?

Now, how to identify these so-called reacher and settler? Simple!

Unless the couple itself does keep enough privacy of their relationship, it's as easy as a piece of cake to detect which ones are whom you've been looking for.

As for me, I love observing "sweet", pathetic couples out there who's shamelessly making facebook as their daily candle-light dinner. It's like the facebook itself would be the Eiffel Tower and the reacher in the couple would go on and on posting sweet holy fuck of romantic lame-ass shit on to the other, day and night. Now these kinds of couple are the ones I'd love to see the most. They are very much indeed, entertaining.

And to know which ones are you looking for, just look at their conversations on facebook. Which one is typing the most letters in a comment and which one replied just a couple words. You choose.

Or suddenly they have arguments and one of them are going all berserk on facebook, this is the perfect timing to identify. From several observations, I mean. Because the reacher would always be the one who looked disappointed, posted all feeling-bad shit on facebook, while the other half, the settler, would go on live his facebook profile as nothing happened, being all cool as shit.

I'm just saying. These are tips to identify and observe people on the outside before you made an example out of them and finally decide which side are you on in your current relationship.

Don't feel bad. Trust me, if you're on your middle 20s I'm sure you've been on both reacher and settler's side.

But what matters the most is about now.

For you sweet couples out there who is reading this crap, it does feel uncomfortable right now, doesn't it?

Yes, and that doesn't go away.

Some of us may have not realized this shit before this. Or some of us may even don't give a shit about it. But hell, you gots to choose, baby. Now's the time.

Now pick one and choose which one of you might be in your relationship. The reacher, or the settler? And go ask your boyfriends/girlfriends. Have a healthy discussion about it.

Confused which ones you are? Try making your partner jealous. If they hardly do get jealous, or you end up being jealous yourself, well, that's just some bad news for you. The settler don't easily get jealous, mark my words. So, you're the reacher.

Don't give a shit about all of this? Sorry, that is pure utter bullshit, you DO give a fuck. But by stating "I don't give a damn" at the first place after reading this entry would obviously made you BEING the reacher in your relationship HAHA AHHAHA

Happy feeling bad and if it ends up having a huge war between both of you, may you have a clean break up.

P/s : Idea to write triggered after watching How I Met Your Mother. Damn, that show's awesome!


lufkin said...

Shitzz.. Facebook is now for Stalker.net..

wahana3115803 said...

i'm the reacher but i'm cool.no `posted all feeling-bad shit on facebook` thingy.ain't that lovely huh?

btw,which reason is for me?no.1?heh.


wahana3115803 said...

n btw,no butthurt.ouch...haha

zedRadzai said...

live feed banyak membantu. serta button "see friendship"

hehe chill2. just a topic to write. lama xhapdet

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kamil said...

finally..an entry..haha
btw..this is cool!

Anonymous said...

twitter is the best place to stalk that all-bad shit thing post.trust me,its fun!!!