Hey Fella #6 - Be Happy


I just woke up from a bad dream. And it took me a while to remember who am I exactly. Now this is great. Let's blogging! :D

Do you want happiness, guys? Do you want the secret I have used lately just to cope? It is very simple. Be happy. At least, try to.

Cute girl isn't interested? Be happy. Cat or dog or any kind of pet dies? Be happy. Fail exam? Be happy. Just be happy. No matter what happens, tell yourself that. Be happy be happy and be happy.

Smile as you spend another night alone, when you see one girl who might have made you happy in someone else's arms. Against their lips. And smile as you spend the 2nd night alone, when you realize your life's ain't going nowhere, but you just don't have the strength to just start working hard again.


Because the mind is a powerful thing. If you keep this up long enough, soon you will truly convince yourself that you're happy. You can go to and from school or work or college and no matter what happened that day, you'll still be happy.

Only in the early hours of morning will be the reality of it start to sink in, but that's not a problem, you can just ignore this. And who's around to see your face fall and down at 3 in the morning? No one, because God forbid they see the sad, self-loathing person you are behind that mask.

No, mask is not the right word.

Because it is not just a mask or a smile that you keep up, any one could do that. What this "Mind over body" stuff is true happiness, as long as you do not think about it. You can go about your day and be genuinely happy, with this new cheery demeanor you can have, maybe there'll even be a girl who starts to show interest.

Or maybe when you sit around you would have just realized that you can actually start over again in your life, but you won't, because you're weak.

But no matter what and how, you're actually happy. Remember that.

Until you're at home, of course, at 3 in the morning with no friends or any cute girl to keep your mind at peace. That is when you start remember how sad you are. You have time to think about anything and everything in your life, and you remember why you shouldn't be happy. But of course the next morning comes with a whole new set of distractions and you can feel happy again.

It's 3 in the morning, guys. I feel like dying.

P/s : The best time in a day is probably when you've just woken up from your sleep. Because at that moment, your mind is rested and everything about reality and dream's kinda mixed up with each other. And at that point for about 3-4 seconds, you just don't know who you are. THAT's the greatest moment. To wake up and not knowing who you are and the sudden feeling that probably you can start over again on everything in your life, apart from how you were in the past, because You. Just. Don't. Know. Who. You. Are.


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