Internet Life #6 - Having Fun With Spam


Howdy guys! Today I'm going to write about spam. :)

What I hate most about the internet nowadays is just there's too many spam going around. For instance, I browsed through my old entries in this blog, sekali tengok tiba-tiba ada banyak gila comment dalam satu entry, so I opened up the comment section and fuck.

Banyak pulak tu. Somehow it gives me some kind of false hopes, yela tengok dalam satu entry ade tiba-tiba banyak pulak comment, syok la kite kan sebagai blog writer. Sekali buka benda-benda camtu babi apa.

And enough of that, spam don't just exist in and emails, but also the Yahoo Messenger. And there was this one day when I was alone, some one added me on YM and it's ID really sounded like it's a "her", so uh.. Yeah, this is so embarrassing.. Aku tak pernah pulak kena sampai camni sebelum ni, so I never knew okay. :|

I never had conversations like this, okay. One girl just showed up and being friendly with me all and those stuff. Never had it. :(

It was until the end of the conversation when "she" pasted the link, ha time tu la I was totally convinced that this person is just a spam.

Agak marah jugak la. Terus aku delete contact dia lol jadi emofag pule sebentar ya.

And so, a few weeks after that, somehow another "person" added me again on Yahoo Messenger.

I accepted, of course, just to have fun this time.

Terserlah bangang dia kat situ. Puas hati aku.

Padan muka ko spam. Even you're not a living thing, you did manage to make yourself to look so stupid.

P/s : So far away.




shishi the great said...

This one made me laugh like crazy.

zedRadzai said...

haha memang untuk jadi bahan gelak pon.