Sexist #12 - How To Get Out From A Relationship


Howdy guys! Let's brush some teeth, Spartan style!

Yeah, I know, WTF right.


Relationships suck, man.

They do, cause' you know why, it's not so much that the relationship that sucks, it's when you're ready to get out from a relationship that sucks.

Because guys don't know know how to break up with women. We really don't. But women, they really are professional in breaking up, you know. With their so-called self respect and ethics, you know what I mean.

They just make that one phone call.. And they'd have this specific keyword, you know, they won't even say they wanted to break up with you at first. They would just give you, like a hint, you know.

Your GF : Listen, we've got to talk.. *serious voice*


Guys don't know how to break up with women of the slightest clue, man. We don't. I know it, because I didn't, too. I stayed with a girl for almost like, 4 years. LOL

The first three years were quite awesome, though, cause' you know, we were actually making the best out of our relationship at that time. But when it came up to the fourth year, I've realized that I'm actually stuck with this girl, man. Plus we're far away with each other.

Our relationship turned sour and we fight all the time, until we've came to this point where we actually don't fight anymore and not giving shit at each others' faces, but you know, like I said, guys don't know how to break up with women. I just didn't know how to get out of it, man. Until she eventually finds another guy and cheated on me. Yeah I know, I'm the loser.

But, that's the perfect situation for me the get the fuck out of there! Well, I know, back then was the most painful experience getting dumped by the person I onve loved, but man, come to think of it, I'm still young, who would wanna got stuck with only one girl their whole life?

[No wonder you die alone, Zed]

Don't gimme that look, you fucktards. If you're a normal guy, you won't be so fucking devoted to someone unless you really reallyyy, I mean REALLY, love her. You don't trust me? Go have a walk anywhere, in the park, or the shopping complex, and just walk. You'll find some another girl's ass you wanna fuck so hard instead of your girlfriend's.

Because that's what we are, with our male brain. We imagine things like those kinda odds, and we will never be satisfied of what we have right now. I mean, your current girlfriend.

Picture totally not related.

Anyways, let's skip ahead.

But you know, when we guys do really want a break up with you ladies? We start to act like a bigger jerk than we're already acting like. We do, and ladies, you should be able to sense this, alright?

If the guy starts putting his foot down at times where he shouldn't care, that IS a hint. Because that's what bored guys like us do, we started not giving a fuck at where you go, what you do, how you talk, and just anything. Or you could also try being a complete asshole.

Ask them ladies to do stupid stuffs and MAKE them do it. If they don't want to, try harder, make them go all like "Oh, this son of a bitch really pisses me off, this time", you know.

We're just trying to push you ladies to the limit a little, you know what I mean. We're actually helping YOU to get there.

Because we're trying to make YOU go mad at us so YOU'LL be the one who's out of control emotionally and ended up breaking up with us. And lucky for us, we don't have to do the dirty work!


I'd rather get dumped than dumping another person, man. I just know it hurts, but really, dumping another person who loves you, it really IS hard, and it feels like you're the most evil person on earth, too. It's breaking another heart we're talking about here. Who would wanna do that? Would you wanna do that? No, not you, Tma, I'm asking the guys here. :">

Biarlah aku sakit, asalkan aku tak sakitkan orang lain. That type of concept, you know. Ala, but I confess, I do have my moments of dumping another person, like twice. And it felt, like SUPER-DUPER AWFUL! I'm not the type of a human who will go like

Sorry for the naked man image.

After dumping another person, no I don't. I will really feel miserable inside.

I know, I know, no matter how much I complain about how suck relationship really is, well you know, deep down, everyone of us has our own soft spot, right? Well, fuck that!

This is me, always complaining about everything.

P/s : "I met a person and I just want to talk to that person again, I don't know."


Gadis said...

been there, done that. LOL

kamil said...

been there, done that.too.LOL
I met one person and I just want to talk to that person again, I don't know.<---haa..:">

wAwa said...

bpe byk 'man' nih, pnoh em0si ke hape =.=

pam said...

Now i'm confused.

EmaRadzai said...

woah, is that my name there u mentioned?? totally not related yo!!! that IS NOT ME! muahahah

btw, what is it you're trying to prove? i'm getting a useless vibe glowing and radiating from you, it's like that glow-in-the-dark baju u used to have. or was that you or Lah. demmit, i hate my short term memory loss! yeah this is random.

take care kiddo.

lufkin said...

3rd year with my gf now and wondering, will i end up like you?

zedRadzai said...

hahaha i hope you don't. take good care of your girlfriend.

haha yes i really was talking 'boutcha. miss you sis.


i wanted to made my point clear.

i hope we talk again soon. :">

oh really?

Cik Buya said...

zed gambar first tu comel doee. LOL!

lufkin said...

Shit.. She dumped me..

zedRadzai said...

haha right??

what the fuck, man. are you serious? what happened?