Shit Cover #18- Like A Star [Tae Yeon SNSD & The One]


There goes the winter break. BRRRRRRR it's freezing outside, I'm telling you guys.

Yet Lia and I managed to overcome this overwhelming breeze and recorded a video clip just for fun for our latest cover song.

Here, I present to you, the first video cover of ZR STUDIOS production. Rate! Rate and comment! And don't forget to subscribe! :">

Great, now I'm attention-whoring. Same old, same old.

Yes, it's a Korean song, and I don't understand a word in it. Blame Lia for making me do this. Hehe, I'm just kidding okay, Lia? ;)

Anyways, enjoy!

Ignore my shit acting. I know right. Here I am spending my days regretting these moments of trying-so-hard-to-look-pro-but-instead-it-got-weird.

Well, you know, it's public, and I've been trying to get the feeling, you know. But gosh, it's public, man! I ended up being awkward instead! BAHAHAA

Anyways, thank you for viewing. I love you guys! :">

P/s : The worst thing about peeing in winter is, at first you thought you can't hold it in any much longer anymore, but when you're in the toilet, you'll go "Laa, itu jeke?"