Toilet Paper #2 - The New Era


Hello losers!

Today, I have this sudden feeling of tense drooling into my adrenaline and I just realized that this blog is so overrated to be written by me alone, so what the hell, I'm inviting my gay boyfriend Pam to be another author of this blog, too.

Yeah, that's him. The retarded one.

Yes, we are gay. Please believe that. Kami gay, kami okay.

Lagipon aku takde la selalu sangat update blog dah macam dulu, so to keep this blog constantly running on its own, I've decided to let Pam to be a part of it, too. It takes two to make things go well, am I right? Teehee :">

So, from now on, this blog will no longer available with the url

And it will be changed into

Yeah, I know, lame right? But we've been taking a lot of time thinking about this url thingy, you know. Yela sebab nak kasi nama cool abes la konon, but in the end we've decided to just put it the simple and easiest way.

Zed&Pam. Remember, this blog is no longer mine alone. And each of our entries will have the signature of the author himself. :">

I hope you guys enjoy our masterpiece.

Ain't this one good-looking son of a bitch?

Anyways, glad to be writing with ya, buddy!

P/s : I am soooo excited!




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