Hehe #2



Good morning everyone. It's me again.

Hurmm, I just had a long chat with my buddy. We talked about everything, family, and all other kind of personal, and important stuffs, stuffs that actually really matter in life. There's just so many things we talked about, until I've reached the point where I've started wondering, why is she telling me all of this, and why am I, too, telling her all of this? That made me thinking.

All this while I always kept my BIG problems within myself. I never did want to think about it for even just a second, and I'll do anything I could to put my mind at ease. I just didn't wanna talk and think about it.

It really feels kinda comfortable to have people to talk to. And yes, to talk about just anything without anything to hide and all.

I'm gonna be honest with you guys. I actually don't give a single fuck about what you think of the shit-rated content I'm writing in this blog and how you judge me. I'm just being sarcastic and write all I want, selagi perasaan RAGEEE ini ada.

But, life's been rough. Yes, all this while, life's been rough, and I never took action to fix it. I keep making stupid decisions, I keep running away and do other things just to forget about the actual big problems I have. But at that time, I didn't realize and I ignored just this one thing.

The consequences.

Yes, it came already. And I am super stressed out right now. But yes, I can't keep on running like this anymore. I have to take real actions, and not just think about one.

I'm gonna change. Really, at least, I'll try to change. This is a promise to myself. Hope this work out fine, and even though the consequences of the mistakes I've done before will keep pushing my life to its lowest point, I will try my best to fight them.

Andainya aku dah berusaha sedaya upaya in the future but still end up losing instead, let's just say "The best soldiers are the ones who fought with death in mind."

So, wish me luck guys. For I'm about to challenge the biggest war of my life.

Viva La Revolution!

P/s : "Take it slow, wait for it."


Shit Cover #20 - Numb [Linkin' Park]

Nah. First time wat cover sambil main gitar.

Yes, I've become so really numb inside.

P/s : "Where do you see yourself in five years?"


Brix #13 - Rambut Karat


Hello guys. I know, I know some of you are still in your exam week and I'm wasting my time writing on an entry full of crap. I know. But I'm a bit in tense. Tense of uh.. you know.. Life.

So when I get a bit tense I kinda felt EMO inside and tend to fill in my RAAAGEEE bar to infinity. And when it gets to infinity it really kinda makes me wanna be a douche bag all over again. And by being a douche bag, I meant being the He-who-thinks-he's-the-most-perfect-person-and-everybody-else-suck guy.

Yeah, I rant when I'm in RAGE. So here goes.

You see guys, I just had my haircut five hours ago. And while waiting for my turn to get my hair cut in the saloon, I browsed through the hair style magazine and stuffs to choose, you know, of which hairstyle I wanted my hair to be cut into.

So this magazine I browsed into is so full of awesome Asian hairstyles. Yeah, people through out the world worship the hairstyle that the Ching Chong Nip Nong Nong species got.

Ching Chong Nip Nong Nong species = Japanese, Korean, Chinese

Yes, the usual Ching Chong image of an Asian dude.

But what I don't find awesome is, the hair colour. It's full of fucking unnatural dyed hair! Which made me thinking, I once thought of this particular topic of something called "Rambut Karat" a long time ago but never had the chance to elaborate on them. So today I'm writing about it.

We Asians are supposed to have black and BLACK hair colour only. And that shouldn't be tolerated unless when you got old and have gray hair everywhere including your pubic hair, yes, that's only because it's natural.

The moment I got here in Japan, I see people, guys or girls have blonde, yellow, brown, white, green and other motherfuckingly striking colours, everywhere. Just everywhere.

I didn't like them. Because there's this something I just don't feel right about every fucking single time I see these pricks with bright hair color.

You have.. No, WE Asians, have natural black hair and it's supposed to be just that. Not some blonde haircolor of western people which you find is super cool to be mixed into your hair but turns out I think it's awful.

Because you know why?

We Asians have a skin tone which are not suitable enough to be paired with bright hair color. Plus our faces are not as hauntingly beautiful as the western people are. And personally for me, it's because of our eyes. We have eyes that are not round and not perfectly shaped. Long story short, generally, our eyes suck.

You don't think so? Compare.

Wow, I guess I really am the pretty-eyes-loving-type of a person. Demi Levato would definitely gets a win in a "You Fall In Love, You Lose" thread.

Anyways, is it just me, or Suki looks kinda weird in that hair color? I know she's pretty, but still. Pelik la. I guess I'm just not horny enough at this moment when I'm looking at this image perhaps?

Well, some Asian people do look good, and some of them also have the bright skin tone and pretty eyes and all, but c'mon, you gotta admit the white people wins in everything when it comes to look. That's why people throughout the world except of their own countries themselves worship them.

You don't see a Malay dude getting smothered by a bunch of turned on Japanese or Korean girls just because he's Malay, no. You see white dudes. And some African-American, too, sometimes. In fact, it's like everything is always about the white people, or to be general, the western people.

Nahh, I'm not gonna talk about the Japanese Chinese, or Korean people. Actually most of the time I think they're cool with their "awesome" hairstyles.

Let's focus into our own matter, the Malaysians.

I opened up this video and noticed, man, she DOES not look good on those haircolor. Not at all.

I just don't know why, guys. I hope it's not me alone. How do you guys feel about it?

It's just, Asians don't supposed to change their hair color. Sebab macam aku cakap tadi, we Asians and ESPECIALLY the Malaysians don't even have the skin tone and our face and our eyes are not that suitable enough to be paired with bright colored hair.

I mean like..


Just look.

Here, the most common hair color the Malays "love" to have.

I know your pose looked weird in this picture, but sorry, buddy whoever you are. I just want to focus on the hair color. I googled "Rambut Karat" on google and here's what I found. Not your luck I guess?

Oh, and even celebrities are caught up in this phenomenon.

Yeah, despite the sexiness, I'm gonna have to say no. <-- Huiyo.

Yes, she's beautiful. But brown yellow hair with traditional baju kurung? You've got to be freaking kidding me!

Tak kena la kawan-kawan! C'mon guys, I hope you're with me now.

Personally for me, when a Malay girl dyes her hair blonde, I think she looks like she's trying to look like a blonde slut and ended up looking all awkward. Yes, I do think so! I don't know why! It's just doesn't feel right to go complimenting "I love your hair." when deep down I don't even feel her hair is that cool.

And when a Malay guy dyes his hair orange or warna karat ke apa ke, he looks like a rempit to me. Just not cool, man. I don't want the rempits to be in the Malay world for more than 20years. I hope this rempit image dies soon. Tak syok beb gelaran rempit ni.

I know I sound lame and old-fashined and all conservative. No. Don't get me wrong. I am not that religious or even a moralfag to begin with, to be hating this just because they say "Mewarna rambut itu haram jika dibuat tanpa sebab, atau untuk menunjuk-nunjuk"

Call me a jerk, but you know what? There's a loop hole in my opinion. It's just the bright colors, guys. I personally think if you Malay guys wanted to go dye your hair, I'd definitely go with a dark color. Like.. The dark red wine color?

The darker the better. I think our skin tone is really suitable with dark colors. Just that.

Because the truth is, I wanted to dye my hair dark red in the saloon today. :">

But turns out, I didn't. I don't know. Perhaps, its just because it feels like I'm really far away from something I have.

P/s : God knows how long have I been staring at that message I typed before pushing the send button.



Hehe #1


Yea, this is not a gay post.

"Hmm, who knows? Maybe you could get yourself together and fix everything in your life which is already shattered like a broken mirror. C'mon Zed, I know, it might not be easy after that, but you know what I mean, love DOES bring strong faith upon yourself and to the other half also. It'd be worth a shot for both your own good."


But nahh.. I dunno.

Anyways, thanks, buddy, whoever you are.


P/s : "But seriously, why not?"



Sexist #13 - I'm Turned Off by These Girls


In the world where young boys and girls are highly attracted to each other, there's also some certain situations where you would never ever be attracted at the girl at all.

And perhaps everyone would have their own list of "Girls Who Turn Me Off".

Anyways, since I mentioned it, here's my list. No big deal. Just making fun of certain girls. WAWAWA.

1] Girls whom I heard nor smell her fart.

Who would ever be turned on with such things? Seriously, dating is not a place where you and your lover could play a farting contest with each other, no. That would be marriage.

2] Girls who I share toilet with, and right after she finishes her business, I went to use the toilet and OH GODDD, THIS STINKS!!

It's cool to share toilets with the opposite sex. But for me, kalau aku nunggu depan pintu toilet dok tahan nak kencing pastu sekali kuar pompuan cantik, pastu NOSEBLEED sebentar pastu masuk toilet bau tak ingat lah pulak. Unfortunately, yes, I actually had this situation one time. Pity her, dia tak berniat pon nak berak sebusuk camtu, who does, right? But you know, I think that toilet had this particular thingy we call "PEWANGI JAMBAN", so girls, be sure to use this if you're sharing toilets with guys. Please. Aku pon sembur kalau aku rasa busuk sangat lepas guna.

3] Girls whom I saw picking her own nose dengan penuh nikmat.

Pam. You explain. I already told this story once in this blogpost.

4] Girls who laugh loudly like a guy.

Buruk bebeno nampak. Geez. Tapi kalau laki gelak kuat, takpe :"> /sexist detected

5] Girls who doesn't know when to stop talking.

Well, I wanna tell my story, too! What do you expect when you're talking with a person? Me being the listener all the time? You might as well talk to your own shit in the toilet instead.

6] Girls who try hard to be all "manja" and shit but you just know it's just not herself.

C'mon, I know you girls know some guys like me dig girls yang manja-manja, but you don't have to act like one when obviously it's not yourself. So please, cut the crap. Because manja-manja yang dimaksudkan di sini adalah yang natural punya.

7] Girls who obviously try to get attention from people.

You tell me. The easiest way, go to Facebook. You'll find :

- Camwhores,
- Chicks who hate themselves and hates certain other people, too and post hate statuses just to get attention from everyone.
- Chicks with never ending problems.
- Chicks who think Facebook is her diary and lets other people read her diary. No.

I got tonnes more. But four is enough, as long as you guys get the point. I got a whole bunch of other lists to write.

8] Girls who act proudly like they're the most independent women in the world.

Yes, you are independent. Now go live alone in your room and die alone. Like me.

9] Girls who smell badly and can't even get hold of tidying up her own room.

Ugh. It just gets me, man. Berbau satu hal, pastu bilik sepah. Yea, I know, bilik aku pon takde la kemas, tapi koman-koman kalau aku tau ada orang nak jenguk aku kasi la nampak indah sikit di mata orang lain. Don't you think?

10] Girls who don't even know how to cook the most simplest meal ever.

I know, ramai jugak perempuan tak reti masak power-power, tak kisah la, aku pon tak power, tapi dinner mudah senang pon tak reti? Aku pon reti! Omelette with fried rice. Wow, that does sound kinda tempting. Padahal nasi goreng tambah telur goreng je.

11] Girls who had their own experience of cheating their ex-s and doesn't even feel ashamed about it.

You are the most awful human being alive and I just know you're a complete crap. No, you know what, that's an insult to "crap". If crap could eat, and then crap stuff out, it's that! You are the crap that crap craps! /cool HIMYM quote alert

12] Girls with obviously thick mustache.

I'm sorry but this... exists. And you know it, Kamil.


In the end, it's normal to have types, am I right? I know I'm just writing a bunch of useless trash where you losers waste your time reading. Well, let's just say sapa suh baca.

Hmm. Trash.

Why do you guys read my blog again?

P/s : Oh Luna.