Hehe #2



Good morning everyone. It's me again.

Hurmm, I just had a long chat with my buddy. We talked about everything, family, and all other kind of personal, and important stuffs, stuffs that actually really matter in life. There's just so many things we talked about, until I've reached the point where I've started wondering, why is she telling me all of this, and why am I, too, telling her all of this? That made me thinking.

All this while I always kept my BIG problems within myself. I never did want to think about it for even just a second, and I'll do anything I could to put my mind at ease. I just didn't wanna talk and think about it.

It really feels kinda comfortable to have people to talk to. And yes, to talk about just anything without anything to hide and all.

I'm gonna be honest with you guys. I actually don't give a single fuck about what you think of the shit-rated content I'm writing in this blog and how you judge me. I'm just being sarcastic and write all I want, selagi perasaan RAGEEE ini ada.

But, life's been rough. Yes, all this while, life's been rough, and I never took action to fix it. I keep making stupid decisions, I keep running away and do other things just to forget about the actual big problems I have. But at that time, I didn't realize and I ignored just this one thing.

The consequences.

Yes, it came already. And I am super stressed out right now. But yes, I can't keep on running like this anymore. I have to take real actions, and not just think about one.

I'm gonna change. Really, at least, I'll try to change. This is a promise to myself. Hope this work out fine, and even though the consequences of the mistakes I've done before will keep pushing my life to its lowest point, I will try my best to fight them.

Andainya aku dah berusaha sedaya upaya in the future but still end up losing instead, let's just say "The best soldiers are the ones who fought with death in mind."

So, wish me luck guys. For I'm about to challenge the biggest war of my life.

Viva La Revolution!

P/s : "Take it slow, wait for it."



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zedRadzai said...

woot! hey there lil' fella

pam said...

"Let's just be fellas"

hurm. sad

shishi the great said...

fuck you, pam
don't be jealous

zedRadzai said...

lolwut shira