Sexist #13 - I'm Turned Off by These Girls


In the world where young boys and girls are highly attracted to each other, there's also some certain situations where you would never ever be attracted at the girl at all.

And perhaps everyone would have their own list of "Girls Who Turn Me Off".

Anyways, since I mentioned it, here's my list. No big deal. Just making fun of certain girls. WAWAWA.

1] Girls whom I heard nor smell her fart.

Who would ever be turned on with such things? Seriously, dating is not a place where you and your lover could play a farting contest with each other, no. That would be marriage.

2] Girls who I share toilet with, and right after she finishes her business, I went to use the toilet and OH GODDD, THIS STINKS!!

It's cool to share toilets with the opposite sex. But for me, kalau aku nunggu depan pintu toilet dok tahan nak kencing pastu sekali kuar pompuan cantik, pastu NOSEBLEED sebentar pastu masuk toilet bau tak ingat lah pulak. Unfortunately, yes, I actually had this situation one time. Pity her, dia tak berniat pon nak berak sebusuk camtu, who does, right? But you know, I think that toilet had this particular thingy we call "PEWANGI JAMBAN", so girls, be sure to use this if you're sharing toilets with guys. Please. Aku pon sembur kalau aku rasa busuk sangat lepas guna.

3] Girls whom I saw picking her own nose dengan penuh nikmat.

Pam. You explain. I already told this story once in this blogpost.

4] Girls who laugh loudly like a guy.

Buruk bebeno nampak. Geez. Tapi kalau laki gelak kuat, takpe :"> /sexist detected

5] Girls who doesn't know when to stop talking.

Well, I wanna tell my story, too! What do you expect when you're talking with a person? Me being the listener all the time? You might as well talk to your own shit in the toilet instead.

6] Girls who try hard to be all "manja" and shit but you just know it's just not herself.

C'mon, I know you girls know some guys like me dig girls yang manja-manja, but you don't have to act like one when obviously it's not yourself. So please, cut the crap. Because manja-manja yang dimaksudkan di sini adalah yang natural punya.

7] Girls who obviously try to get attention from people.

You tell me. The easiest way, go to Facebook. You'll find :

- Camwhores,
- Chicks who hate themselves and hates certain other people, too and post hate statuses just to get attention from everyone.
- Chicks with never ending problems.
- Chicks who think Facebook is her diary and lets other people read her diary. No.

I got tonnes more. But four is enough, as long as you guys get the point. I got a whole bunch of other lists to write.

8] Girls who act proudly like they're the most independent women in the world.

Yes, you are independent. Now go live alone in your room and die alone. Like me.

9] Girls who smell badly and can't even get hold of tidying up her own room.

Ugh. It just gets me, man. Berbau satu hal, pastu bilik sepah. Yea, I know, bilik aku pon takde la kemas, tapi koman-koman kalau aku tau ada orang nak jenguk aku kasi la nampak indah sikit di mata orang lain. Don't you think?

10] Girls who don't even know how to cook the most simplest meal ever.

I know, ramai jugak perempuan tak reti masak power-power, tak kisah la, aku pon tak power, tapi dinner mudah senang pon tak reti? Aku pon reti! Omelette with fried rice. Wow, that does sound kinda tempting. Padahal nasi goreng tambah telur goreng je.

11] Girls who had their own experience of cheating their ex-s and doesn't even feel ashamed about it.

You are the most awful human being alive and I just know you're a complete crap. No, you know what, that's an insult to "crap". If crap could eat, and then crap stuff out, it's that! You are the crap that crap craps! /cool HIMYM quote alert

12] Girls with obviously thick mustache.

I'm sorry but this... exists. And you know it, Kamil.


In the end, it's normal to have types, am I right? I know I'm just writing a bunch of useless trash where you losers waste your time reading. Well, let's just say sapa suh baca.

Hmm. Trash.

Why do you guys read my blog again?

P/s : Oh Luna.




wahana3115803 said...

am i one of them?

im just asking.heh

zedRadzai said...

haha tak laa apa nii, ni saja entry bosan2 just for fun. btw lama xdgr cite.

Shakaff said...

tak baik ngata anak pakdan...

kamil said...

wakakka..tah zaid.sian anak pakdan dow..ritu shakap da wt dia deactivate fb

Now go live alone in your room and die alone. Like me.<---yeah go ahead.wasiat pam soh erase hisroty from browser..:">

zedRadzai said...

haha sian duh sbnrnya kat pompuan tu.

Shakaff said...

time tu aku insensitive sonofabitchh...kalau aku dah friend ngan dia tobat aku antaq private message mintak sori banyak2..

kamil said...

tp kan..tah2 status dia psl mnda len.ada kmgkinan gk tuh

shishi the great said...

My chances of hitting on you now after reading this = zero

You lost me. LOL XD

But on a more serious note, you wont get a girlfriend with this blog. Ever. Just sayin.

zedRadzai said...

LOL jangan camtu.

but nahh, I never plan on getting laid using this blog though... that's just adorable, but lame. TEEHEE

khadijah aminah md yusoff said...

moral of da story, just be urself..
:D lantak la laki tu suke ke tak janji jd diri sdri.. org yg betol2 sesuai dgn kite adalah org yg betol2 leh terima baik dan burok kite even kentot or berak busuk.. WKAKAKAKAKKA :p