Original! #1 - Can't Seem To Love.mp3


Hey, it's been a while since my last entry. Aku balik Malaysia sat 3minggu, and I'll be fucking off back to Japan this Friday. BAH!

Anyways, I just wanted to share with you fellow readers, that I have finally managed to write my very own song! WEEEEHUUUUU

Yea, no kidding! It's called "Can't Seem To Love".

Lyrics and the melody are all written by me, with the support from my close friends, yeah, thanks to you guys!

I've been planning to write my own song in a very long time, you know. But since I've been in the nasheed team back in school for 4years, I dunno, it kinda influence me. Cause, when I tried humming some melody before this, lagu-lagu irama ala2 nasheed yang keluar. And it pisses me off, you know, I'm like

"Da da di dummmmm dududuuuu~" *humming sesuka hati*

And suddenly I've realized that

"Fuck, asal kua lagu nasyid pulak ni damn."

Pastu givup, zzzzZZZzzz. It's not that I hated those nasheed songs. It's because I wanted to write my OWN original song.

Fuiyo, you guys hear that? :">

So I've decided to buy my own acoustic guitar. I bought it online in Japan, and learned guitar lessons by my own, using Youtube and UltimateGuitar. Yea, belajar benda-benda camni sorang-sorang perasaan dia macam gampang, 'cause you feel like there's no improvement at all and you're stuck there with only one skill of strumming, plucking and other shits. I need help!

Okay, let's not get poyo-poyo.

And with the help of the guitar I'm playing, humming seems to be a bit easier laa. There was this point when I was only chilling with my guitar kat bilik my friend, main-main random chords and spontaneously hums a song I don't even fucking know where it came from lol.

And it felt kinda nice.. As I slowly strum the guitar, I hum this song bit by bit, the chorus, 1st and 2nd verse, bridge and other parts of a song. I wrote down the lyrics which I felt really suits me for who and what I am at the time being.

Many thanks to Shakaff and Asran, for being there supporting me, giving me suggestions and lent me their paper and pen to write. LOL

And thank you also to Nazeep for editing the instrumental with his Garageband. You rock, buddy.


It felt good, you know. To express your feelings through your very own song.

Anyways, so here it is, hope you guys enjoy this shit. :)

Can't Seem To Love

I haven't seen you for a while,
And I just felt strange and weird,
It's like my heart is saying ohh,
That you're the one i need.

But why am I still confused,
I can't seem to find the light again.
And why is this so hard?
Ain't love supposed to be the easiest to feel about,
Or is it just me being scared?

Can't seem to love,
Can't seem to feel,
[I guess i'm just too far away..]
Oh help me god,
'Cause i need this bad.

But the end i just can't feel a thing.

I never wanted to see you cry,
I'd only wish the best for you,
I can't even love myself ohh,
And maybe that's the reason why.

If time travel's possible, I'd make sure,
[That things will end better between us..]

But that's not how life works,
Oh yeah,
This bullshit life of me..

Sekian, terima kasih.

P/s : Not worth it.