Shit Cover #21 - Nightmare [Avenged Sevenfold]


This is just a cover I've made with Nazeep like a billion years ago. And I'm posting it now on our blog because I have no other things to write.

Ya, I suck. I know. You go on with this legacy, Pam. For I'm about to dieeeee.


Check out Nazeep's channel, man. The guy's a maniac. He could pull off any rock song, yenno? Which made me feel bad 'cause since I've already wrote my 1st song, I'm not that into learning to play the guitar anymore. I HAVE NO PROGRESS because I've already achieved my target.


Nvm now. Hope you guys enjoy this cover. Rate and comment, and subscribe please :">

I told you already, NNN rocks! And I suck balls. Now go easy on me, 'cause I'm not trying to imitate Matt Shadows vocals, okay :(

Oh, before I forget, let's have a peek into one of Nazeep's cover.

The guitar solo, guys. THE GUITAR SOLO.

Nazeef's Channel <-- CLICK ME

P/s : Remember my song "Can't Seem To Love"? This special someone actually made a cover out of it. So I'm just gonna leave this here.



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