What I Hate About Facebook #10 - Mothers' Day

Ya, I'm the jerk.


You see guys, today is Mothers' Day and I'm glad that we're still alive to actually realize how important our moms are, and of course, we should let they know that we love her, no matter how protective she is, how annoying she is, and how cute she is when she's asking you how to type an SMS on her cellphone.

Yeah, my mum doesn't know how to use the cellphone, guys. But I don't give a damn about that!

I love my mum. In fact, I'm more to an "anak mak". And I'm not embarrassed to admit that, okay, 'cause she loves me. :">

And since we were little, we always have been a pain in our moms' asses. [WOA THAT DOESN'T SOUND RIGHT] Yet, she still loves us and trying her best to take care of us, feed us with happy meals in a day, wash our shits, and even bought undies and socks for us *time kecik-kecik lah*

Seriously, who knows what you could've been if it wasn't because of your mom. She looks out on us like being worried all the time, just for our sake as an innocent stupid kid.

Which reminds me of, yes, dumb things I did back at the days when I was little. And my mum was really pissed at me, she rotan-rotan me and all, it hurts you know. My buntut was still soft and gebu at that time, I didn't want to get those cheeky butts of mine turning all red sebab kena pukul. :'(

But I guess, because of her rotan tu lah... which made me being the person I am now. Well... Not exactly, but still! Like, I wouldn't even be here in this world if it wasn't because of my mum.


Enough of the grateful things to write. My point is clear and I'm sure you guys are all mature readers and understand what I'm trying to say and....yes, I love my mum.

Isn't she lovely? Ihiks.


So, let's move on to the facebook thingy. I've already noticed that most of my friends on facebook seemed to be reminding themselves and people around them of how great our mums really are.

You know, posting nice statuses wishing Happy Mothers' Day to everyone and posting special links about how they love their mom on facebook.

That's definitely good, and I have no problem with that, whatsoever.

What I do have problems with, are those people who love to bantai-bantai other people stating out that ;

"Hari Ibu tak sepatutnya disambut hari ni, ianya WAJIB disambut hari-hari!"

"Call jelah mak ang tu hari-hari, bukan susah pon aih, tunggu setahun sekali duk tunggu Mothers' Day payah ah."

And other shits related to those.

Banyak! I could actually list down every status yang aku ingat yang post benda-benda macam ni hari ini. So, jangan risau Arip, bukan ang sorang ja LOL.

Yeah, even dalam-dalam semua orang happy sambut Hari Ibu hari ini, I can still see what you guys did, ya know.

You see guys, I know you have your own points for not approving Mothers' Day, and I do respect your opinion, and I get it. Really, I'm not kidding.

But I do have my own opinion, too you know. For me, days like these, like you know.. Fathers' Day, Mothers' Day, Valentine's Day *ooooOOooh beware moralfags* are just special in a good way.

Not in a way that it shows you that you just call your mum and tell her you love her once a year and only at this day.

Not in a way that you're just gonna be all loving and thinking about your mom only at Mothers' Day, and then suddenly the next day and the day after that and EVEN the day after that, turns out you don't even love your mum. NO.

Because seriously, for me, I don't care whatever the fuck you people think of me and all, but I think days like these are just special for all those mums. Don't you think having a special day once in a year exclusively for your mum shows that that certain day is a big honor for all moms through out the world?

And hey, don't you also think that having special days like these shows that there's still at least humanity in this fucked up world?

Yes, there's still hope. People actually still know how to be thankful for their moms. And that's fucking great!

I mean like, everyone has their own birthday right. And every one of you fags think that your birthday is special for yourself and you should be grateful and treat yourself with presents, cakes and all sorts of shit, am I right?

But that doesn't make it cool to be celebrating your birthday like everyday. I mean like, I wouldn't do that, who the heck celebrates their own fucking birthday everyday? That's crazy. Would you?

Or like... Like.. Take Hari Kemerdekaan on 31st August every year. Kepala hotak lah nak sambut hari-hari, kesian budak sekolah nak tempek bendera, hias kelas tema kemerdekaan apa sume lol.

And, Maulud Nabi, Hari Raya, blah blah blahh and shits.

You get the point, right.

But yeah, on behalf of those "haters" out there, I understand the good message you're trying to pass out to everyone and the world, and it's all about being consistently grateful to your mums and NOT just on Mothers' Day. Seriously, I get it.

No offense, but do think carefully about this, people won't be celebrating Mothers' Day anyway, if it weren't for their own feelings they had for their moms at the first place alright. So I take that as a yes from y'all, we do remember our moms like all the time, and we do love her.

And please, don't spoil the mood. Feel the room. Some people like celebrating days like these, and I'm one of em'.

Am I right?


Er, no one? /hmmsuicide


P/s : Well yeah, I need to calm down.




haha said...

thank god you're alive(still) and finally give your reader this new what-i-hate-about-facebook post to read

been waiting. thanks

haha2 said...


i'm with you

misa said...

im totally agreeeeeee with every single thing that u've said. ;)

zedRadzai said...


woa i actually still have some readers, do i? lol
thx for readin'! will try updating summore entries from time to time.

WeenAzura said...

ok first off, awwww. this post is cute yaw.
i agree with the special day thingy. my mom happy kottt ktorg share duit pulun beli cake just for mother's day.
and we're happy when she's happy and feel all appreciated...

p/s: i celebrate merdeka on the 16th of sept. kthxbai

zedRadzai said...

@ween azura
rightt. and i think all those moms out there really deserve this special day for them to be celebrated.

tapi skrg dh haram plak. isk isk dan ini bodoh


oh ya, this is an update i just read. "kita jangan ambil ringan perkara2 sebegini. even hari kemerdekaan msia dan juga segala bentuk perayaan kemerdekaan pon telah diisytiharkan haram atas sebab terbuktinya pengasasan konspirasi berkaitan dengan freemasonry dan illuminati untuk meracuni fikiran kita supaya bertindak dan merasakan diri merdeka seolah-olah tidak ber-Tuhan. kita perlu berhati2 skrg"


P/s : btw, why 16th sept?

zedRadzai said...


misa said...

omai. just read the link from fb. im speechless ok. n the comments were like...zzz. whatever lah. haih.

n ade member bg link ckp psl benda ni jugak. n siap timbul isu pembaziran lah, ape lah. kalau nak dikirakan, tak terbalas lah jasa mak kita besarkan kita dari kecik sampai besa. tang mana nak wujud istilah membazir dalam usaha kita nak appreciate mak kita tu pon tak tau lah.

zedRadzai said...


good thing there's still NORMAL people like you and me, who celebrates special days like this just the way its supposed to be.

well, i dunno, those facts maybe are true, and maybe not. but i chose not to give a shit about it. I wish "Happy Mothers's Day" to everyone today not to show that I'm in some kind of Greece ritual or anything.

And yeah, people say "niat tak menghalalkan cara" but seriously i think they're doing it wrong. yes, that hukum is in fact, true for our religion but Islam is a universal religion dan dunia sekarang dah tak macam zaman dahulu.

it's all about penghayatan. just the same like we all learn in highschool in every topics in pendidikan islam ada penghayatan kat penghujung. THIS ISN'T ABOUT NIAT, IT'S ABOUT PENGHAYATAN AND APPRECIATION OF HONESTY AND TRUE FEELINGS TOWARDS WHATEVER IT IS THAT YOU'D LIKE TO APPRECIATE.

some over-sensitive people tend to be all paranoid when it comes to religious things.

i mean like, be religious all you want, but dont do it wrong, and dont overdo it. keep it steady.

for me, i'd prefer to just believe that there's a HIGHER POWER ABOVE US [which is GOD] and pray to HIM, do good things, and treat people nicely.

and of course, i'm just a jahil person when it comes to religion. so imma stop bashing those people now. ihiks

Anonymous said...

kan.aku fedap baca status arep.

zedRadzai said...

haha alah bukan die sorang je, ramai lagi.

Miss Hamilicious said...

Yalah... kalau takde special day yang dtetapkan, konpem-konpem kita buat dunno je ngan mak ni, tak dihargai segala...skurang-kurangnya ada hari istimewa ni, kita ingat dan do sumthing....
kalau kata tetiap hari adalah hari ibu, kenapa nak mak ko rotan ko time hari ibu tu, ye dak?? spoil jew~

p/s; rindu kena rotan dulo-dulo.. XD

Miss Hamilicious said...

weh jap ! rndu ko !! ahakz~

(i mean ur blog meh)

WeenAzura said...

waddaheck??? hahahha xpayah sambut birthday la camni. illuminati n freemasonry nak meracuni fikiran. maybe candle on the birthday cake is like- illuminati punya tradisi, like , omg like!

misa said...

@zedRadzai i think the same way like what u think. haha.

"be religious all you want, but dont do it wrong, and dont overdo it. keep it steady."

and again im agree with u. this is exactly the same thing that i want to say to all of our muslim friends out there. it doesnt mean kita nak ambik mudah atas hukum hakam sesuatu perkara kan. hmmm.

kak anon said...

1st of all....hi...i miss your fun posts...teheee~

2nd....yup..I'm with you..aku still igt lagi 1st time ak celebrate hari ibu..masa aku skolah....aku mintak mak aku duit sebab nak belikan dia hadiah hari ibu..padahal duit mak aku..aku yakin mak aku gelak berguling lepas aku bagi hadiah 2..siap balut cantik lagi..but who cares..aku yakin mak aku tau ikhlas...ok...point aku...aku xpenah kisah sangat..sbb at times mmg aku akan bagi something kat mak aku bila aku balik kampung memandangkan aku menapak ribuan batu jauh dari mereka dan jarang sgt balik rumah...dan ayah aku (aku rasa la) mmg tem hari ibu akan bgi mak aku something..maka..i've never been againts any celebration in mesia selagi tak bertentangan dgn agama Islam.


Selamat hari ibu sedunia,semua.


pam said...

celaka. rasa cam outsider dalam blog sendiri


Imah Ims said...

I'm with you!
Ada kawan kita sorang tu pun suka sangat cakap "hari-hari adalah hari ibu." =_='